Nintendo's Wii U has 'major potential' say reviews before UK launch next week

Nintendo's Wii U launched in the U.S. on Friday - and the first reviews offer a cautious thumbs-up for the console, due in the UK on 30 November.

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hiredhelp2009d ago

Every new console has potential its how you make use of that console.
Despit the mixed reaction of the Wii U i dont think this system half bad if nintendo dont go same old casual route and go back to days of old where they hit all types gamers i see no reason why this console cant fail.

mcstorm2009d ago

A commodore fan I see. I still have an Amiga 32 and it is still as good as the day it came out just a little ahead of its time and too late to same Commodore/Amiga

I cant wait to get my WiiU next week this is the 1st Nintendo console ive been very interested in since the N64.

WeAreLegion2009d ago

That's what they said about Danny Bonaduce...

MasterCornholio2009d ago

That mostly depends on third party devs because Nintendo will take advantage of the Wii Us features.

Motorola RAZR i

Npugz72009d ago

More like potential to be next years dust collector when the real next gen consoles arrive!