Back Catalogue: Call of Duty 2

IVG: Call of Duty needs no introduction. Well, not in this day and age at least. While most of you men of steel hold back a tear at the mention of Modern Warfare’s “All Ghillied Up” level, some of us have been going through the motions of dishing out lead to enemy soldiers in historical settings since 2003. Before controversial missions like “No Russian” and big budget TV commercials featuring Robert Downey Jr, the series has been delivering solid gameplay before things like digital distribution became relevant. In a word, the series has a legacy; one that predates this generation of video games. Ramblings of an old gamer aside, Call of Duty 2 has you in the role of four different soldiers across 27 missions during World War II telling three different stories. A structure somewhat similar to present games in the series.

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SJPFTL1981d ago

COD2 had the best singleplayer

Cam9771981d ago

Maybe in comparison to other CODs, but other games? No.

SJPFTL1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

well obviously I was comparing it to other CODs