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IGN-DmC Has Nothing Left to Prove

IGN:It’s fair to say the DmC has looked better every time we’ve seen it. Ninja Theory was reticent about putting it into players’ hands until the combat was absolutely in place – a process that took years of careful work in collaboration with Capcom Japan – but now that the game is pretty much ready for release, the studio has nothing to hide. Armed with a near-complete version of the game, I put young Dante through his paces over a good ten missions, and found nothing at all to be worried about. On this evidence, this new DmC might actually be better than the Devil you know – the best game in the series since 2008’s Devil May Cry 3. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hanso  +   835d ago
It will be very funny if capcom decides that Bloody Palace will be paid dlc.
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
"2008’s Devil May Cry 3"

So well researched. Clearly this guy knows what DMC is all about....
iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   835d ago
Don't understand what you are implying, the author is simply saying New DmC > DMC4 or New DMC maybe DMC3 caliber, which by the looks of things and considering the author has actually played some parts of the game, it maybe a fair assessment.
Blacktric  +   835d ago
"it maybe a fair assessment."

They released more than enough media to give us enough reason to hate the game. It's not better than 4 and certainly not better than 1-3. Hell, it looks like it's going to be worse than the demonspawn that was DMC 2. Oh and, Keza McDonald is a clown, parading as an intelligent "gaming journalist" as she demonstrated it more than enough times with her reviews.

"It’s a pleasure to see DmC’s now fully-fledged combat system in action. It is balletic, rhythmic, subtle and satisfying, and as you play through and unlock more moves for sword, guns, axe and scythe your combos naturally become more varied and elegant."

So, a DMC game that's running at 30FPS and has slowed down combat concealed with BS "cool" looking finisher moves and other crap happening in slow mo (devil trigger is now bullet time) with no lock on and no jump cancelling has a "fully-fledged" combat system.

Keza Mcdonald everybody! Who is certainly not a paid "journalist".
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vallencer  +   835d ago
So blacktric

Based on gameplay videos you hate it?? That makes sense I suppose. But it really doesn't. If you don't like the look fine but every single person that has played it has praised it. Saying that the combat is solid if not better than the previous. It looks leaps and bounds better than four. Four was a joke after you started playing as Dante. It's like they got lazy. All they did was make you backtrack with a character who wasn't as good as Nero. It was boring.

I really don't know why everyone has there mind set in hating this game. It looks great and seems to play even better, why not wait until it comes out to form your hate?
Dmd  +   835d ago
No lock on? Wth, seriously?!
Whitefox789  +   835d ago
@vallencer Are you kidding me? Nero was a cheap character to play as, the Devil Bringer was way overpowered. With Dante having the ability to switch against styles on the fly was an awesome step in the right direction for evolving the combat.
Blacktric  +   834d ago
"but every single person that has played it has praised it"

Not true. Some people on NeoGaf who actually tried the game in various conventions says quite the opposite. And like I said, they released more than enough video material to give fans an actual idea about what the game is like. You don't necessarily have to play it to have an opinion about it at this point. Also the demo is coming out today if I'm not mistaken, which should give everyone (including myself) a chance to play the game and see if we were right or wrong about it.
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
Consider this: DMC3 was released in 2005.

So maybe he meant to say DMC4, but then he's basically saying it's the best one since the last one (AKA the not that great one).

Or maybe he thought DMC3 was released in 08, but then that just proves myPpoint. Either way, this is a fail.
Sevir  +   835d ago
She never said that DMC3 was released in 2008
Just that the last DMC game release which was dmc4 was released in 2008, she did however reference dmc3 as the best in the series and that is true. And I'm pretty sure that those who do play the demo tomorrow will walk away with a different opinion. The ones who bash it and will hate it regardless of what they play will come here and troll it after everyone else likes it.
Dmd  +   835d ago
"– the best game in the series since 2008’s Devil May Cry 3."
Yes, she did.
Jinkies  +   835d ago
Of course not...the guy is being payed to say good things about dmc. These types of articles are just too perfect.

Capcom need good reviews because they need good sales. It's vital to them with how much money has been wasted on this "reboot". They are so desperate to make it look like they've proved fans wrong.

I find it funny how all of a sudden we've been getting so many Lovey Dovey dmc articles from big sites over the past few weeks. It seems scripted most of the time since most sites say roughly the same thing. I mean for starters the headline always boldy states in their own way that the "haters" have been silenced and Capcom/NT theory have proved themselfs.

Good review from IGN confirmed
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Summons75  +   835d ago
your right because it's a terrible game that only wishes it could live up to the originals. They only thing it had to prove was how egotistical and just horrible Ninja Theory is as a developer....which was apparent to begin with.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   835d ago
Because you played it? I mean you may very well be right, but you wont know for sure until you have played it. You are doing what people call unknowingly bashing a game based on nothing but guesses an videos.
Summons75  +   835d ago
*sigh* there have been very numerous demos, interviews, and other such things. People with no experience in Devil May Cry in the demos were getting S ranks by mashing 1 button which is not even close to the other games. ALL the character designs and "new" personalities are terrible and NT isn't really reliable in making good functioning games. All the argument made by actual DMC fans are very valid, not just "the haiiiir". If you have a hard time observing demos, and interviews and looking at history that isn't a problem but don't say people who can do these things to make very educated observations are unknowingly bashing.
xursz  +   835d ago
Now that's not fair, the game hasn't even been released and what's been shown hasn't looked half bad. Personally i respect a developer confident enough to stick to their guns and let the quallity of their game speak for itself.

Now that being said i love the series and the ONLY thing that will keep me from buying this entry is it being a bad game. Not the look of the main character or anything else because if this is how they portray 'young dante' then so be it, it's their vision.
rezzah  +   835d ago
I personally hope this vision doesn't become DMC's future.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   835d ago
@Summons75 Fair enough I have seen this as well, but do you not think difficulty plays into this. I mean you seem smart, you think there going to be playing on son of sparda ect at a game convention or on a trailer really? Besides demos out tomorrow all will be revealed then.
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Baka-akaB  +   835d ago
That's a bad excuse and not a surprising one . Mechanics wont change with an increase of the difficulty .

It's to easy for people to claim that noticeable stuff arent , till you play on hard or whatever .

Besides by now , why are people assuming only the positive folks are the one that tried the game ? By now a few had the chance to try it and give their feedback
Sevir  +   835d ago
because the truth of the matter is most people want this game to fail
And aren't shy about admitting it. There are plenty plenty videos to show off the combat system and they can formulate an opinion on looks but looks only go so damn far. After playing the game at comic con in NYC last month, opinions of this game lie squarley in line with the editors who have played this game. DmC at this point has nothing to prove and those who haven't played it but hate the game vehemently, hate it off looks and cosmetic changes to a franchise that has not aged gracefully, which is why people bitched about DMC4 even though that was a pretty good game in itself.
Baka-akaB  +   834d ago
There is no point with me arguging with you here and vice versa . Some of us tried the game and werent convinced , while the press was sold on the game before they even saw the gameplay .

I wont care for their opinion . I've seen what they know and think about most games and devil may cry titles , i've seen their numerous crap and errors in reviews , and i've seen them constantly hype NT games with them still crashing burning and failing . They are irrelevant .

"a franchise that has not aged gracefully, which is why people bitched about DMC4 even though that was a pretty good game in itself. "

Pure B.S . People complained already about a new unfitting hero , and a game that was already more of the same only worse that's all .

"DmC 2013" is doing the same only further in the alienating process , with the dumbification of the gameplay as a bonus .

Besides like said multiple times , it was a case of either keeping the dmc4 formula or going toward DmC . There were plenty valid roads and option n between that would keep the core intact . They didnt , and opened the can of worms they deserve .

I'm pretty much done here in this thread , it will just be a constant rinse and repeat till we run out of bubbles
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dark-hollow  +   835d ago
The demo is just around the corner, and we will see about the "clunky" mechanics everyone is crying about, even though I don't approve the new Dante reboot yet, gameplay mechanics could make or break this game for me.
jimbobwahey  +   835d ago
Ah, another one of those suspicious articles detailing how the new DMC really is good, no honest, please believe us!

I can't help but be incredibly suspicious of the way that these pieces are always written, and the consistent gaps between each article that appears despite them being written by different websites, as if it's part of a regular PR campaign as opposed to genuine, unbiased journalism.

I certainly get the impression that these so-called previews are in fact paid advertisements, and it's hard to shake that feeling when reading them.
Hanso  +   835d ago
of course it is.
With so much backlash Cacpom surely did everything in their might to change DmC's status.
A7XEric  +   835d ago
Herp derp Dante looks like emo faggg. Game = bad because of bad haircut. Stupid Capcom herp derp.
Jinkies  +   835d ago
Herp Derp mis informed gamer on website thinks fans are still ticked off about a "bad haircut" Silly user herp derpy derp
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   835d ago
Herp Derp?
Hicken  +   835d ago
I'll believe it when I see it.

Frankly, I still don't have a problem with the game.. just with the game being considered a Devil May Cry.
jimmy98   835d ago | Spam
Boogufo01  +   835d ago
I thought COD fans were bad...All of these people who speak negatively on a game they have never touched...or are upset with Dantes hair color are being ridiculous. Ninja Theory is an amazing developer. The numbers speak volumes that hardly any of you even touched Enslaved. It was incredible. Play DMC before bad mouthing it or a developer...I understand everyone is entitled his or her own opinion but to write off a game before you even have touched it or seen a review is just bad for the business. If you want to play the same game every time wait another 12 month's for the next COD.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   835d ago
Enslaved was AVERAGE at best, as was Heavenly Sword. This game looks ok as well. That all being said, this definitely isn't up to Devil May Cry calibur.
As a standalone game sure, looks great, but since it's called Devil May Cry, well the comparisons will be made and the fans are saying this isn't up to standard (not the haircut, the game itself just doesn't look anything special).
Boogufo01  +   835d ago
I just think it is the whole nostalgia thing...go back and look at vids of Dmc3...to today standards other looks ok...it's like when I was a kid...I thought Spaceball Was amazing!!! Then I watched it recently:/ it's okay to ha e thought of what you feel a game should be...bit at least give a developer a chance to create new memories. ENSLAVED Average at best?? My only complaint was that it was too short...but the characters felt like they had depth and and personalities...very few games can achieve that...Okami had a similar effect on me.
Bimkoblerutso  +   835d ago
It really doesn't matter at this point. Ninja Theory pissed off the "fans" enough that the game could be unequivocally the best in the series, and no one who has already made up their mind would give it a second thought. Too many people are locked into "hissy-fit mode" now.
Sevir  +   835d ago
That's all there is to it. At this point I don't know why they troll and try to downplay someone's hands on time when they say its really good.
DarkZane  +   835d ago
Still, Ninja Theory making it means this game will last 5 hours, 10 if you go for platinum.
Hanso  +   835d ago
last time they said 1 playthrough will last over 10h
I say 7h for DmC
all developers like to push it xD
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timeon11111111111  +   835d ago
Keza MacDonald is in charge of IGN's games team in the UK and still has a shameful crush on New Dante. You can follow her on IGN and Twitter.

This guy or girl has a crush on DmC Dante and is in charge of IGN's british team.

DmC is influenced by british culture and developed by british Ninja theory.

He/she also thinks DMC 3 was released in 2008...

Biased much?
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Sevir  +   835d ago
She said the last game was released in 2008, and it was.
She also in the same sentence, referenced DMC3 as the best in the series and it is. Perhaps yo simply miss read what she said because of your vehement and vitriolic hate towards DmC, NT and Capcom?
timeon11111111111  +   834d ago
Here is the quote:

DmC might actually be better than the Devil you know – the best game in the series since 2008’s Devil May Cry 3.

But i bet you will deny it. Since your a DmC fanboy.I've seen you everywhere on N4g always defending this game.

I am a hater yeah. I admit it.
Not like you who will claim to be unbiased, honest and good, when infact your just a fanboy on the opposite side of hate.
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Whitefox789  +   835d ago
The only thing I'm happy about is that I finally get to see if this game meets against my suspicions, I'm not happy with the automatic lock on controls (I wasn't even happy with it on the Metal Gear Rising Demo, though at least they give you a button where you can manually change targets), I'm also disappointed in the lack of a taunt button which was a staple in the franchise. I also hope that the grapple mechanics along with the "payback" move isn't too cheap of a mechanic for enemies (I had gripes with Nero's Devil Bringer in DMC4, it was a cheap mechanic).

The demo alone won't be enough for me to buy this game just out of spite that I disapprove of everything Tameem has said during the development of this game. All it will do is give me closure regarding what has been the most rocky game ever to be developed off of an established franchise in all of video game history.
Kratoscar2008  +   834d ago
.......(DMC haters silence echoes on the world)

Really excited by upcoming demo.

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