UNCHARTED: Fight For Fortune Coming to PS Vita in December

First trailer for UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune, the card game. UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is an action-adventure turn-based card game featuring the heroes and villains from the UNCHARTED universe.

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bicfitness1886d ago

Sorry, but this looks awful. A "Magic" game without well, "magic" is kinda fail.

There are better games on the Vita than this. Go pick up AC or Ragnarok Odyssey. Heck P4G is out tomorrow and that should be killer.

kaozgamer1886d ago

haha ikr. they are wasting their time making a card game...

1886d ago
chazjamie1886d ago

little big planet is an app store already. people are pumping out different content everyday. wont be long till someone makes a card game.

just play lbp. its the perfect portable game. it tops the likes of mario and pokemon. its that good. not because of the single player campaign, because what it is doing. its literally growing. its a game that refuses to end. what possibly more could you want from a portable game (or any game for that matter), certainly not this game.

HarryMasonHerpderp1886d ago

Vita's not doing to well...I know...let's make an Uncharted card game!


Kingthrash3601886d ago

Said the 3ds owner.....

Man their are a lot of "vita's doing bad" bs articles out there. how bout you go and join the rest of the losers who just wanna spew hate on dumb articles. I love my 3ds btw and yes it's selling more right now. But ...... It's been collecting dust ever since I beat sm3dl2. Nothing has come out for the system and yet you try to be funny over here in vita town. True this game is a waste of time they should be making a sequel.

MehmetAlperTR1886d ago

@Kingthrash360 i m a PS VITA owner.. And i m feeling in same way with HarryMasonHerpderp.. Vita is not doing well.

HarryMasonHerpderp1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I am also a Vita owner. I don't own a 3DS.
I love my Vita but I don't love needless card games.

Tired1886d ago

'Go pick up AC or Ragnarok Odyssey'

Can you get those for less than $5?

Ok so you might not want it, and yes there are better 'full' games for the Vita. But there's nothing wrong with choice.

It costs practically nothing, so I'll give it a go. Actually I've gotten quite a bit of use out of the Vita's asynchronous multiplayer titles.

This looks like it will sit quite happily with them. If the game is fun to play then it may give me a reason to replay Golden Abyss on crushing and find the rest of the treasures.

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Ned-Cannon1886d ago

This card game has been at Hastings since the release of Uncharted 3.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1886d ago

Is that an over weight version of drake?

NukaCola1886d ago

So it's DLC for MP Card Game to coincide with Golden Abyss basically. Not interested but that's cool anyway. Do wish they would of added co-op or full multiplayer. Golden Abyss is a pretty awesome Vita game and longest Uncharted as well.

Snookies121886d ago

Still, it makes me want a Magic or YuGiOh on Vita...

kreate1886d ago

I didn't even like the golden abyss due to the motion controls.

IRetrouk1886d ago

Funny. You know you dont have to use them to play they are all optional

Raccoon1886d ago

They should also make a GIANT KING CRAB card game to cheer up the holidays lol...

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RivetCityGhoul1886d ago

so instead of making a new syphon filter game sony has bend making a stupid card game. nice job sony well done /s

Coltrane_C1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Bend didn't make that.. It was outsourced...There name is on it

Godchild10201886d ago

I don't think this is the Full Triple A title they are working one. If it was they wouldn't need a second developer to help make a game in a few short months especially if its a card based game.

This is more of an add-on for Golden Abyss that will also have DLC. At least that is what I get from the video.

I personally think Naughty Dog moved away from the Uncharted Franchise and don't care what happens to it's good name.

Just opinion, Not fact.

jakmckratos1886d ago

Pretty much the only Sony game I wouldn't like a card game for..

vitullo311886d ago

Who the hell is going to buy this!

teedogg801886d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth. If I wanted to play a crappy card game I'd do that on my iPod.

Shikoro1886d ago

I guess that there will be quite a few people seeing as the price is just $5...

Raccoon1886d ago

I bet I will get this free with ps+ yet I doubt I would even try it...