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EuroGamer: "Nintendo is the Pixar of video games, and despite the odds stacked against the console, for many prospective buyers, that in itself will be more than enough."

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eagle211887d ago

Great read, very good information.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31886d ago

Yeah, it's always a pleasure to read what Eurogamer has to say; but they also haven't mentioned what the specs and performance are of the cpu, I'm concerned with that than the speed of the RAM it has.

darthv721886d ago

it should be more about the entertainment value the system will provide. For that there can't be a decisive answer because we all put value on things differently.

As to the article, it was a good read that has a love it / hate it on various points. I can see there is much improvement over the next several months while they (nintendo) gets things figured out from both consumer criticism as well as developers.

Godmars2901887d ago

With this large day-one update I feel that we're going to get another instance of game journalism failing gamers. That because they had early access and direct company/PR contacts, the experience of many reviewers isn't anything similar to someone who just bought it. Wont even be close to some poor sap who's getting this for their kids and knows nothing of the gaming community.

wampdog291887d ago

Go whine elsewhere. Every device you buy anymore has a day one update. Sometimes, larger than this.

snake-OO1886d ago

I really doubt anyone has a update day one as big as Wii u's 5 gig.

Wolfbiker1887d ago

People who live their lives by 1's and 0's don't actually live.

The Wii U is fun. That's all that matters.