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Submitted by Raiz 1179d ago | news

GTA V PC and Wii U version "up for Consideration" says Rockstar

So far Rockstar Games has officially confirmed only two platforms (PS3 and Xbox 360) for their upcoming game GTA V. Today Rockstar Vice President, Dan Houser stated that GTA V launch on other platforms (PC and Wii U) is under consideration. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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RivetCityGhoul  +   1180d ago
up for consideration? so then a PC version wasn't planned at all then? I've been saying that it was starting to look like Red Dead Redemption situation all over again. i got a few people that said i didn't know what i was talking about and now that its been actually confirmed by Dan Houser himself? just wow c'mon R*
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TheModernKamikaze  +   1180d ago
Rockstar already said they're only doing Xbox 360 and PS3 AT THE MOMENT, you can't expect them to say that they're doing a PC port. It wasn't planned because they wanted to do consoles first. They did say however they might do it in the future. Almost all of the titles they made were in PC also EXCEPT FOR RDR.
iChii  +   1179d ago
I hope R* does bring it to the PC cause a lot of GTA fans are on PC. I'm a console guy but it wouldn't be fair you get me? PC gamers couldn't experience the awesomeness of RDR so I hope R* doesn't do that again with GTA V
b163o1  +   1179d ago
Lmao @ most of the PC gamers. R*'s probably heard all the sheight you guys been giving console gamers for having outdated hardware, and having inferior graphics. Lol, R* please take as long as you want to do the PC version, I'm sure console gamers won't mind it a bit.

(WalksOutOfRoomWithVillianLau gh)
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NYC_Gamer  +   1180d ago
I'll buy it on console first and then on PC when ever it gets released..I think it's good that R* has delayed the PC version since i want the game to run good on all PC gamers hardware
RivetCityGhoul  +   1180d ago
extra time didn't seem to help GTA IV or L.A. Noire. i mean Max Payne 3 was good but thats not an open world game though. so i question whether extra time would even matter. thats if the game comes to PC at all. well i guess i'll just buy the game on PS3. no point of talking about a version of a game that isn't even in development, like you say.
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pr0digyZA  +   1179d ago
"extra time didn't seem to help GTA IV or L.A."

Those two games were ported by a different company and not done internally unlike max payne 3 which Rockstar said they did themselves along side the console versions, that is why it was a better game.

No doubt they will bring 5 to PC they just want to get the console versions out the door. And then hope for people to double dip when PC version comes (would be nuts not to as mods have helped sustain GTA 4 sales and made people who wouldn't have bought it again, get it).

This however is definitely a time when I am grateful I have all consoles, so that I don't have to wait.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1179d ago
Yeah I've been saying that as well.

PC gamers have no one to blame, but those that won't buy the game. R* isn't going to put focus on a platform that is going to give them a good return especially when the reason why they are losing the out on the return isn't because people don't want the game, but because people are pirating it. It's a total slap in the face to developers.

R* will get to the PC version eventually, but they are going to put their focus on the platforms that are responsible for their income first.
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Mythicninja  +   1179d ago
Only a matter of time before some idiot generalizes PC gamers as being a sea of pirates. As if there aren't pirate versions of every popular console game out there
ATi_Elite  +   1179d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
Just chill out!

ALL GTA titles have had a PC release seeing how the series actually started on the PC!

(Go Google Grand Theft Auto and see the original Dos release then Windows Port then to console)

This GTA game is huge and just requires a lot of R* attention so the console versions will be done first along with DLC and as usual the PC version gets a port 8 months later!

GTAV makes too much money not to have a PC release. GTA is one of the few Multi-plats that sells very well on the PC! GTAIV Icenhancer mod and all the MP mods shot GTAIV PC sales through the roof!

............But then again if I the developer (Rockstar) can't make GTAV with better Graphics than some kid at home with a PC (Icenhancer mod) then yeh i the developer would be EMBARRASSED and not wanna be Up-staged AGAIN by some kid at home with a PC who can make the graphics better than the original Developer!
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AKS  +   1179d ago
Rockstar already has a less than stellar reputation for optimization and bugs for their PC games. The fact that a PC version wasn't even planned is not exactly the news I was hoping for.
SilentNegotiator  +   1179d ago
It really is sad that they wouldn't make GTA5 PC a given.
deletingthis34675334  +   1179d ago
I am sure they will release a PC version though. The bulk of Rockstar's games are released on console long before they port them to PC. It was the case for every GTA game and most Rockstar games available on PC, Max Payne 3 being a rare exception.
nofallouthero  +   1180d ago
well that's better than nothing :)
eagle21  +   1180d ago
Exactly. :p
NastyLeftHook0  +   1179d ago
so its ps3 (first shown screens) and the xbox.
beerkeg  +   1179d ago
Who's the strange looking guy you keep having as an avatar tenton? I'm sure I've seen him on some wanted criminal list somewhere.

NastyLeftHook0  +   1179d ago
im your god.
ichdich  +   1179d ago
wii-l it run ?
MNGamer-N  +   1179d ago
Wii U Please. Nintendo owners want jack fools just like everyone else!
MRMagoo123  +   1179d ago
No nintendo owners want to play mario and zelda
Deku-Johnny  +   1179d ago
Most Nintendo owners want a good mixture between core and casual. A console where I can go from Pikmin to GTA V is a winner in my books.
shempo  +   1179d ago
another proof devs dont give a fck about pc

ps3 it is then
bumnut  +   1179d ago
Plenty of good PC games around, I won't miss R* offerings.
Vip3r  +   1179d ago
Honestly, I'd say the PC and Wii U versions would be the most appealing. Graphics wise.

I know the 360 and PS3 have the highest userbase but I'm surprised the PC version is only being put into "consideration" now.

Guess they are wanting to get the game completed before optimising the PC and Wii U versions.
tehpees3  +   1179d ago
I think they will probably port it to both once these versions are finished. Definitely bodes well for Nintendo. Even if it is late it will still convince people who want it on there. And if they keep it up they are bound to become a default platform eventually.

@ GraveLord

If third party games don't sell on Nintendo why are 3DS games trumping Vita games in sales? Even when 3DS was off to a bad start games were still selling more units. You sir are using an urban myth.

More proof = even before the price cut to get more sales SSFIV outsold both UMVC3 and SF X T combined. And then you have Chinatown Wars. Which funnily enough sold more on DS then PSP.
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chukamachine  +   1179d ago

The wii has the slowest ram by 42%, Slower cpu by 1.5ghz and a ever so slightly better gpu.

Wii u will be like the vita version of most wanted, it's all intact, but not as much traffic or npc's.
Deku-Johnny  +   1179d ago
Have you got any proof of these claims? Nobody outside of Nintendo knows the full RAM, CPU and GPU so unless you're Iwata in disguise don't make random assumptions and claim them as fact.
swishersweets20031  +   1179d ago
of course they will do a pc version.. a year later
Theo1130  +   1179d ago
It's funny because it's the PC game of GTA games that historically sold well in the long run. Most of that comes after the crazy mods the community makes for them, so it's like r* saying, "We're still deciding if we want free publicity."
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1179d ago
I thought treating pc gamers like second class was finished.

Ubi stopped drm and now R* possibly wont bring there biggest game to pc?

Max Payne was optimized and both consoles and pc was developed separately. Turned out great!

Need some consistency in the industry.

There is no one on gods green earth that shouldn't have this game on there platform of choice.
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dirthurts  +   1179d ago
A good port or nothing please. It just makes you guys look lazy.
_LarZen_  +   1179d ago
A Wii U Version would be great!
GraveLord  +   1179d ago
Never gonna happen. Even if you ignore the fact that 3rd party games don't sell on Nintendo consoles, Nintendo just doesn't play nice with 3rd party developers. The tech inside the Wii U isn't very good either. There are some parts of it that are WORSE than an Xbox 360. I just don't think Rockstar will take the time to code for it when it wouldn't even end up selling....
StraightedgeSES  +   1179d ago
Did you even read the article?
beerkeg  +   1179d ago
'Did you even read the article?'

That's a silly question dude, GraveLord only ever reads the headlines.
RFornillos4  +   1179d ago
funny, but the headline did mention Wii U. is GraveLord reading it at all?

no offense, i know you can read.
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TemplarDante  +   1179d ago
Wii U's "Tri-core Wii Cpu" ... Judging by Trailer#2... how the hell is it going to process that? Is it like.. Dead Rising on the Wii in comparison to PS3 and 360..?
I mean.. the Dynasty Warriors devs are having problems making multiple soldiers appear on screen in the Wii U version of Dynasty Warriors 7.
From what I hear, Euphoria and the RAGE engines in GTA V is very demanding on the CPU.
cee773  +   1179d ago
You realize the Xbox 360 also contain a tri core Wii u CPU is an updated version of xenos
WildStyles  +   1179d ago
They said they wanted to keep GTA 5 on PS3/360 due to the high install base. That's pretty reasonable to me.

The install base on the Wii U has to show that they're willing to buy multiplats in droves in order to get GTA 5.
pandehz  +   1179d ago
Lol pc gamers kept GTA alive for Rockstar with so many youtube vids and mods etc

Well anyways time to move on I guess. Rockstar has priorities, so do gamers
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Eldyraen  +   1179d ago
If I was Rockstar, I'd release 360/PS3 and continue working on an updated PC version as well as a next-gen version at the same time (Dev kits are out after all and bet Rockstar has one somewhere). It would probably spur more next gen sales than anything else that's likely to be a launch title. You know a ton of people would leap at the chance to pick up a new, even better looking copy (same reason PC users will do the same--mods too of course). You know they'd easily make the money back for extra development costs if they went this route.

Probably wont but I wouldn't be too surprised if they did. The same concept will end up being used with many next gen games anyways as engines today scale a whole lot better than any other generation (PC versions are good example--same basic assets but some added features and a few new textures and looks like a new engine at times).
KontryBoy706  +   1179d ago
go ahead and delay it R*. Make sure you make the PC version LOOK LIKE A PC VERSION.
Braid  +   1179d ago
Yep. I wouldn't moan about it as long as they give us the full PC treatment with better textures, DX11 features, a greater view distance, proper anti-aliasing etc.

GTA V looks phenomenal as it is now, I would really love to see how it would look on a high-end PC.
CaptainYesterday  +   1179d ago
Just do it :)
KMCROC  +   1179d ago
Not one to judge but it quiet sad when PC gamers don't get a game released for them , but what is sadder is how PC gamer complain about it. When it does get released or ported the whole bunch of them pirated it instead of buying the actual game. then they wonder why no one wants to put a 80 million AAA game on PC for fear of massive theft of property , yes there a few thousand that will buy legit copies, but all the rest will steal it like their entitled to it.( here come the disagrees & the it can be pirated on consoles BS excuse ,in rare instances it may happen but never as much than it occurs on PC)
bumnut  +   1179d ago
You talk like no one plays pirate games on consoles.

PC piracy is not as bad as you are making it out to be. Im a PC gamer and have bought more than I have pirated, I pirate to try before I buy if there is no demo. If I like it I buy it and delete the pirate copy.
#18.1 (Edited 1179d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dovahkiin  +   1179d ago
Implying piracy isn't rife on consoles.

Implying the majority of PC gamers steal their games.

Ignorance is seemingly your strong suit.
AIndoria  +   1179d ago
Majority of PC Gamers DO steal their games. If you're really looking for technical definition of "Majority" then yes, Majority of PC gamers pirate games. 90% of Gamers in India, China(There's your majority) pirate their games. I'm an Indian, I should know these things.
josephayal  +   1179d ago
plz, Only on PS3/XBOX 360 (vita)
huge waste of time and money
BananaEatingSquid  +   1179d ago
I'd love to get it on PC.
metroid32  +   1179d ago
It needs to be on wiiu have you seen the game sales on that thing people are buying like 5/6 games a piece Hmmmmmm Rockstar if you want money its not hard because when people are tired of GTA5 wiiu will have Zelda/Metroid/MarioKart/Battle field4 and lots more get a move on Rockstar ? Whats to think about new console means big sales if you want to be part of them sales get your game on wiiu its not rocket science.
#21 (Edited 1179d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
stuntman_mike  +   1179d ago
I'm getting a Kane and lynch vibe from the two white dudes in the picture. (one smartly dressed the other a dishevelled nutter?)
Braid  +   1179d ago
You're right. The dude with the white shirt (Trevor) is a psychopathic individual prone to extreme violence with a sever case of drug addiction, while the classy looking one (Michael) is the man with the brains.

Sounds familiar enough to you, right?
grandv  +   1179d ago
guys please anyone can he answar me the gta v will out in pc for sure>>>>>????
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1179d ago
It would be financially irresponsible not to release a PC and a Wii U version. Both versions are a guaranteed sale. Also, there will be people like me who buy ALL the versions.

I imagine some of you reading my post may feel the same way.
Deku-Johnny  +   1179d ago
They definitely should release PC and Wii U ports, they might not make as much money from them as 360 and PS3 versions but they'll definitely make the money for the ports back and help establish Wii U's third party support which in turn would make more people buy the console meaning future R* releases on the console would be a worthwhile investment, make a little bit of money now and a lot in the future. They'd be stupid not to.
ShaunCameron  +   1179d ago
I'd be very shocked if GTAV comes to the Wii U.
wiiulee  +   1179d ago
of course its in the works for the wiiu...i think rockstar want to be on the winner's side this generation....and wiiu is in the lead to stay
Plagasx  +   1179d ago
GTA V will be released on PC 6 months after console version. It's been this way for a while....

stragomccloud  +   1179d ago
Really hope it comes out for Wii U and it's not a shoddy port.
urwifeminder  +   1179d ago
I hope it doesnt get boring fast ive never finished a gta i never finished RD either they just drag on and on.
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