Gamer Institute, your global partner in eSports

MWEB Gamezone interviews Daniel Grzelak, CEO and Co-Founder, of Gamer Institute.

There exist but a handful of organizations dedicated to the growth and promotion of competitive gaming.Gamer Institute is one such organization.

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Choc_Salties1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Good to see more initiatives more like this for the gaming scene!

DesVader1886d ago

Wow, a goal of getting eSports into the Olympics. That is pretty hectic to get done. Going to be a lot of people who vehemently disagree with this as well...well, and a lot that agree with it as well. I know that eSports are going to be included in the Asia Games next year, so its kind of already starting.

DesVader1886d ago

Out of interest, the petition referred to has 10258 signatures from 139 countries.

HanCilliers1885d ago

I think it's still a very long way to go, creating 1 central body to regulate eSports is the biggest hurdle imo.