Until Dawn Is Leveraging the Killzone Engine

Push Square: "Sony’s stunning Killzone franchise has always had a foreboding visual undertone to it, so it’s not particularly surprising to learn that Supermassive Games’ upcoming PlayStation Move exclusive teen horror title Until Dawn is being built on top of the first-person shooter’s incredible technology."

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DigitalAnalog1948d ago

Interesting. It's about time the engine is being outsourced for other devs to utilize it.

get2sammyb1948d ago

Agreed. Killzone 2 and 3 are still two of the best looking PS3 games available.

maniac761948d ago

Amazing,the engine is the best along with uncharted,i dont see why other devs dont choose to use this or buy a license from the two devs,all games would look killer and not have bad jaggies lol

KingDustero1948d ago

Well Sony doesn't license their engines out to third parties. They keep everything in-house and I doubt that would ever change. They do have some amazing engines, but I'm glad they keep them to themselves. It helps make their games stand out from the rest.

izumo_lee1948d ago

So undressing a girl will look better than ever judging by that article pic....unless you have a real girlfriend :P

Hicken1948d ago

Those boobs will look more real than real boobs!

Blastoise1948d ago

I think this game looks great

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