Dozens win free PS3 systems at NBA All Star Skills Challenge

PS3Fanboy reports: "Wow, what an incredible night for these lucky fans at the NBA All Star Skills Challenge. Everyone from section 331 of the stadium was treated to a free 40GB PS3 and a copy of NBA 08. That must be one of the most feel-good things we've seen in quite some time. Congrats to them.

But look closer at the picture. Notice the section next to them? (We'll call them section 332.) Notice the sad expressions they carry? It must feel horrible to think: "if only I sat a few seats down ... ""

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sonarus3716d ago

lucky for ps3 not so much for nba 08. I actually though nba 07 was better and both are crap. Sony should stick to baseball their soccer and basketball is crap. NBA 2k8 would have been an excellent treat but overall great way to promote play station 3. Next thing they'll be recommending one for their friends. Great to see how far sony has come from last yr

TheHater3717d ago

I was watching that. Howard made some sick dunks in the Dunk Contest. It look like the dunk contest is back.

mikeslemonade3716d ago

Jack Tretton was there to represent Sony. Sony sponsered the "Playstation skills challange" and Derron Williams won and he also won the PS3 too.

Gerald Green should have won. Dwight Howard by definition did not dunk the ball. Your fingers must simulataneously touch the rim with the ball going over and through the net for it to be considered a dunk.

Gaara_7243717d ago

rolf lol HAHA unluck 332 lol

timmyp533717d ago

If they are sitting next to each other its a possibility that these ppl know each other and might just have extra PS3's hanging around to sell and stuff. Anyway these ppl are some lucky bums. XP

rogimusprime3716d ago

if they have extra ps3's ???

people have more than one TV and cordless phone in the house too!

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