Violence Doesn’t Make a Good Video Game

Brad Webster from Capsule Computers wrote

The statement seems obvious at first glance. Of course you don’t need violence to have a successful video game, what is this guy on about? Well the fact is in today’s industry it’s pretty damn hard to go without it.

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masterabbott1918d ago

I'm going to stick with Barbie's Horse Adventures

Laike1918d ago

Does Katamari Damacy count as "violent"? A lot of people consider it a shining example of non violent game place but rolling up people in a giant ball and most likely being smothered seems a little violent.

Either which way, we need more games like Spec Ops The Line. Games that actually question the violence.

futurefrog1918d ago

Violence is a lose term but I agree.

koga881918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

While violence doesn't make a game good, the easiest reference the guy uses is the latest Medal of Honor title which lets face it, was absolutely terrible in almost every aspect. Along those lines there are also a number of games which feature no violence whatsoever but also become absolutely boring experiences for the sake of "art." For every great game that features no violence there are also great games that are steeped in violence. Dead Space for example is a very brutal game but one that is a blast to play.

LinkageAX1918d ago

Another quality article from these guys; I think they're the next big thing in gaming "Journalism".

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The story is too old to be commented.