Xbox 360 Shortages, Or Preparation for New SKU(s)?

"While everyone anticipates the announcement of Gears of War 2 along with a ton of info including a possible demo on Xbox live next week of Too Human at GDC there's one thing Microsoft may announce that most people didn't expect. It's been well documented (You can check it out for yourself if you walk into your local brick and mortar stores) that finding an Xbox 360 in 2008 has been fairly difficult."

"In response, last week Microsoft PR came out and said "It's just a cause of better than expected sales during the holiday period". That statement may have served more than the one purpose of spinning Sony's first monthly NPD victory since the release of the PS3. Maybe this whole shortage has been buying Microsoft a lot of time over the course of the last few months to develop and introduce new SKUs." -via 20pGaming

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Anything but Cute3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

production was halted due to the HD DVD sku, that was scraped when Warner made their blu ray announcment.

It was heavely rumored, and then nothing. It's hard to think that Microsoft would make a mistake that would cost them sales, unless something happen.

sonarus3801d ago

well maybe but its hard to believe msoft can still be dealing with supply issues. They have been in the market for over 2yrs. I mean they had a great xmas but it wasnt so fantastic to deplete their supply so quickly. Wateva caused the supply issues you can bet msoft will fix it fast

MrWonderful3801d ago

well if they make a sku with fans that are not loud and i can play without being afraid of it dying after extended play (im on my 3rd 360) i would trade in my elite for it.

wageslave3800d ago

Are you trying to tell us you've had 3 Elite's fail? Like hell you have.

The Elite has a wholly redesgined motherboard, and does not have heat issues like the ver1.0 MB.

You'd clearly be lying.

bootsielon3801d ago

Except in America maybe, but I forget that America is the only place that matters to X-ombies.

ravinshield3801d ago

i bet u were looking for 1 but coulnt find that why you sound must feel bad having no good games to play or replaying all those 5 hours games

moparful993800d ago

ravin do the world a favor and shut up. No good games? Funny you say that considering there was a story on this very site that showed ps3 average review scores were higher then that of the 360 and wii.. OUCH. Seriously you and your biased opinions need to go elsewhere, there are excellent games on the ps3 and you know it. Just because someone doesnt bow down and praise the 360 you have to attack them? Grow the f*ck up!

Guitarded3801d ago

before some zealot starts proclaiming they are discontinuing the 360 and introducing the "720" next week. 3..2..1..go!

sniddles3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

i bet, and with all the new mobo revisions, it's very possible. Also probably a price drop along with it.

Maybe they will also have an update program to finally put the RROD crap to rest.

I'm hoping.. Although my 360's been truckin on just fine...

I don't think it's due to anything that happened in the past, it's def. for somthing they are planning. Going to be big news at GDC i think.

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The story is too old to be commented.