No Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 Wii U version: EA

Bioware and EA has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 Omega and Leviathan DLC will not be coming to Wii U version of the game.

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Wizziokid1854d ago

So first they don't bother with the Wii U triolgy and now no new DLC? not sure what's going on here...

StanSmith1854d ago

Blame EA on this one. They've clearly rushed Straight Edge to get this out for Launch too judging by some of the early reviews.

When are publishers going to realise that we want finished games and not buggy rushed ports!

1853d ago
crxss1853d ago

so... what's so special about this "special edition" then?

rainslacker1853d ago

They'll learn that when people stop buying unfinished games and buggy rushed ports.

Aloren1854d ago


Expecting them to port 3 current gen AAA games for the launch of a new system is unrealistic.
As for DLCs, It probably makes a lot more sense to release these DLCs in a few weeks than to release them at the same time as the game when noone is going to pay an extra 30 buck for DLCs.

I think everything (trilogy and dlcs) will eventually come out on the wii u, now is just not the time.

Megaton1853d ago

Really? You're still not sure?

shempo1854d ago

poor nintendo....still not getting the leftovers xd
stick to mario 100.000.000 and luigi 500.000 you wll do better

linkenski1854d ago

Getting Mass Effect 3 on Wii U from the beginning was a bad call.

corrus1854d ago

The first want to see if game will successful on WII U and then they release DLCs and the trilogy

cleft51853d ago

Now when people don't buy the WiiU version of ME3 EA will claim that their games just don't sell well on WiiU. I bet if Nintendo had been willing to use their shitty ass Origin software on WiiU we all would have had all the EA games on the console with all the DLC ready to be purchased Day 1.

Magic_Spatula1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I believe it was already confirmed that to play any EA title online on the WiiU, you have to have an Origin account as it is required. Which is an ignorant move.