New Map DayZ Chernarus 2.0

A new DayZ Gameserver connected to the Hive is available to you starting from now which will bring some variation to the Vanilla DayZ Chernarus you used to know. We're running a rMod-Server which allows several modifications. The team which maintains the server spends a hure amount of time of balancing these new features so you will only find items which fit into the DayZ atmosphere and no overpowered items will be added.

- More then 50 different Vehicles, Boats and Aircrafts
- 95% of ArmA2:OA Weapons can be found
- continuous monitoring for optimal balancing
- Thermalweapons were not integrated
- Unique places, camps and modifications of know cities and villages with loot spawns
- modified Helicopter Crash Site Loot
- more then 200 new spawnpoints for new vehicles
- activated JSRS Mod for better sound
- modified loot tables on high populated places
- activated Side-Chat

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