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Wii U owners experiencing freezing issues

Some owners of the just-released Wii U are reporting that their GamePads are freezing.

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strigoi8141885d ago

Really?? Oh well its day one

MurDocINC1884d ago

Mine was played all day yesterday without one issue.

EcoSos31885d ago

The only problem I'm having with mine is that external hard drive keeps disconnecting, it even happens to 65gb ubs drive. I did format them twice and noting, I havent played the wiiu much because of that.

firefly691885d ago

If your hdd haves a sleeper mode than that could be the problem!Some HDD disconnect when they are not reading or writting on them.Im almost pretty sure that not all hdd will end up been totaly compatible with the Wii U.

eagle211885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Hope this helps. :)

Edit: better yet

Monstar1885d ago

Nothing surprising since it's launch. Atleast it's nothing compared to the WORST defects ever...being the RROD. Thanks Microsoft!

Irishguy951885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

The RROD didn't happen day 1....


"Nothing surprising since it's launch. Atleast it's nothing compared to the WORST defects ever...being the RROD."

Well, he's comparing WiiU day 1 to Xbox day 1...RROD doesn't kick in within a day, it takes a little while for it to affect it. WiiU could have something horrible like YLoD or even RROD. But we have to wait and see first don't we? Xbox didn't have any problems on Day 1.

ronin4life1885d ago

I'm quite certain it was. Even if users weren't effected right away, the rrod didn't magically appear out of thin air. It was the result of day 0 manufacturing/design mistakes.

RFornillos41884d ago

fortunately for us, the system itself is efficient in terms of heat dissipation. which is one of the main cause of RROD.

tehpees31884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

It did happen day 1. Not only that but there was someone who posted Project Gotham pictures of the screen turning fuzzy and the game crashing. Perfect Dark Zero was giving off strange echo sounds. I was aware of an error which said "please insert this disc into an Xbox 360" -_-

Scratching discs. Faulty hard drives. There are far too many hardware errors for me to remember on the first few years.

And these faults were found on the first night so stop kidding yourself.

kreate1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

To my understanding, Xbox had problems before it was even launched. Employees from Microsoft reported defects but was told to move forward with it anyways.

Retail employees reported defects on some of the consoles but were told to sell it anyways. Hence, Microsoft was hit w multiple class-action lawsuits in 06-08 era for knowingly sold defective units.

However after the Jasper chips were released, most of the problems were solved.

The disk scratching issue was solved by updating the manual that ur not suppose to move the console while the disk is spinning. And they also slapped a sticker on the tray that also states the same thing. Which, didn't really solved the issue but did stop anymore lawsuits from happening.

The single Guy who filed the disk scratching lawsuit was paid off by Microsoft in a undisclosed settlement.

Currently, the xbox360 hardware is pretty good with lots of USB ports w no over-heating issues. Looks a lot better than the cheap looking super slim ps3. The slimline Xbox shouldn't have disk scratching issues.

And to be fair ps2 also had issues from the beginning.

I'm pretty sure ps4xbox720 would also have issues from day one.

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boybato1884d ago


Going by what you this makes it the second worst launch?

firefly691885d ago

It seems US players are the beta testing for the EUROPEAN release!Im sure this is a software problem related with the patch that was release by nintendo!More actually the lack of information from nintendo is disturbing!

GreenRanger1885d ago

Freezing issues, eh?
I've got just the thing for that...

LordLaguz1885d ago

I laughed. Thanks you kind sir.

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