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Top 5 Worst James Bond Games

In this two-part series, we’re going to look at the best and worst Bond games throughout the ages.

Beginning with the five worst Bond games of all time. (PS3, Retro, Wii, Xbox 360)

ziggurcat  +   987d ago
uh... aren't all bond awful?

and before all of you people come rushing in claiming goldeneye is an amazing game - it's garbage, get over your nostalgia.
Valenka  +   987d ago
Wonderfully spot on article. 007 Racing had an interesting concept but was executed poorly, as was 007 Legends.
PhoenixRising37  +   987d ago
top 4:
1. everything or nothing
2. from russia with love
3. nightfire
4. agent under fire
ambientFLIER  +   986d ago
Ooh! Nightfire! I spent lots of time on that one...

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