Don’t Lose/Break Your Wii U, Because Your Nintendo Network Account Is Tied To It You'd think that would be something Nintendo could manage rather easily, but nope. Turns out that the Nintendo Network ID you create for a Wii U will, for now at least, is tied to that console. If you lose that console - for whatever reason - you lose the ID that went with it. If you buy a second-hand console, and want to import your ID, you can't. If you're at a friend's house and want to sign on using your account, you can't.

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Snookies122156d ago

Wow, seriously? They really should've foreseen this before releasing the console...

GribbleGrunger2156d ago

This HAS to be incorrect, surely? What if you have downloaded lots of games and then your Wiiu Breaks? You won't be able to play those games ever again?! I'll believe this when I see it verified somewhere else.

killerhog2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

It could be true, as Nintendo is all about fighting piracy and such. This could be their move to fight gamesharing and piracy. Gamesharing is a killer to devs/sales, its the reason why Sony dropped it from 5 to 2 (I believe). Another reason not to support Nintendo's wiiU, me and my brother gameshare and soon probably gameshare with our cousin as well (as he has a ps3 now).

Crap you can't even let a friend borrow your system then. My brother has a friend who before purchasing a ps3, had a friend let him borrow one and made his own ID, and when he had the cash bought himself a ps3 and used his ID he made on the borrowed ps3.

Felonycarclub82156d ago

Go to gameinformer and look at the wii u hardware review, it talks abou this at the end

shackdaddy2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

You can probably call customer support and they'll transfer it over or something.

I remember someone talking about this like 2/3 months ago. Something about them needing proof that you originally had the console in the first place.

tehpees32156d ago

That is what I suspect.

PATRIOT7ME2156d ago

Nintendo will perform transfers with the Wii in repair situations. They didn't initially and they don't offer it up, but if you're insistent enough they will do it.

There's a snag however, if you're one of those people who bought the replacement warranty through Best Buy - where you can bring the console back and get it replaced immediately - you're SOL as far as your digital downloads go because if Nintendo doesn't have the console in hand, they will NOT transfer your games.

MikeMyers2156d ago

It's likely to be something along the lines of Microsoft Windows where you need to verify you are the original owner.

raymantalk12153d ago

if this is true and i am lead to believe it is, i for one will never buy one, besides it looks cheap as though it was made in someone's garage i love nintendo but please atleast try and make your hardware look decent.

rezzah2156d ago

What wonderful news >_>

My brother is going to love this.

strigoi8142156d ago

so am i expecting doom articles in the future??? Lolz

3GenGames2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

You're telling me the console/Accounts purchases aren't recorded in the network for your virtual account to be redownloaded to a new system for any reason?

Lawsuit incoming, rightfully. I buy (expensive) games online and there should be a system in place to ensure I can re-download and play them on another system. Period. Denying people a product they bought because they don't have THEIR WiiU will not fly in court.

kreate2156d ago

I guess u didn't read the fine print or the license agreement or the ToS.

To my understanding, u don't own the software u buy. U are licensed to it, and the manufacturer can expire it or alter it if they want.

But I understand the consumer frustration.

izumo_lee2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Wow & they said that the PS3 accounts were strict this is beyond what i imagined /s. I really hope for the sake of Nintendo fans that this can be changed with another firmware update.

This could be the problems that all new systems have at launch & it will take some time to iron out all the kinks & issues.

killerhog2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Ps3 accounts strict? You can gameshare with 2 or 3 people and make as many accounts as you want. The average ps3 owner has 2 accounts. The stuff you buy online in one account, can be used by anyone who has an account on that system. Please dont spread what "others" mightve said (that is false) and misinform people.

Ruffle my feathers? Calm down? Boy people sure like to misused the whole 'making the other person seem mad or upset'. You're spreading nonsense and i so plymcorrected you. Also it wasn't 5 to 2 accounts. I believe it was from 5 systems to 2 systems gamesharing allowed.

izumo_lee2156d ago

I have a PS3 & i wasn't spreading lies. I was just being kinda sarcastic cause if you remember when Sony lowered the max account from 5 to 2 the media went crazy saying a whole bunch of crap. It was the same when Sony said the Vita will only support 1 account.

I should have put a sarcasm note cause it sure ruffled your feathers so calm down.

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