Week recap: PS3 fall; Xbox 360 HD DVD; Wii No. 1 U.S.

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation fell 43 percent at Japan retail in the latest tally. The hardware ranked No. 4 in overall video game console sales.

iSuppli this said that the PS3 will lead in overall console sales in 2011. It predicts an install base of 38.4 million in target estimates.

NPD Group Inc. this week reported that the PS3 outsold Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in U.S. Jan sales. It ranked No. 2 in overall video game hardware sales for the month. - by the Punch Jump crew

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sonarus3682d ago

ps3 needs to spark its momentum back up. They are about to hit 2 million in Japan they need to ramp up advertising but 20,000 a week is unnaceptable

Iamback3682d ago

First of all it is just one week, second PS3 in Japan need JRPG, not Uncharted or Call of Duty 4.
Once Yakuza 3 gets released in March we should see smaller but obvious boost in console sales.
FF13 games and potentially White Knight Story are games that could make big difference.

BTW- this article is garbage. 38 million worldwide by 2011? LOL

ruibing3682d ago

Everyone's sales has been failing.

Clinton5143682d ago

Recaps of week old news. As if we can't just click back a couple of pages and read them ourselves. :|

Willio3682d ago

yet we still read it , sigh =( lol

undacovabrothe3682d ago

Well I think its ssbb every1 in japan prob going crzy over dat n the ps3 is in the darkeness for a bit. Once every1 gets over tryn to buy ssbb then ps3 sales will get back up there. There prob mayhem in japan looking for wiis/ssbb

darkshiz3682d ago

People buying HD DVD I swear are dumb.

AllroundGamer3682d ago

not dumb, just... special :)

ReBurn3682d ago

HD-DVD players are going to be collector's items and people will want to have them. Like laserdisc players.

gambare3682d ago

just like all the other consoles due the economic valley IN JAPAN. I guess the poster tried to do some kind of flame war here.

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The story is too old to be commented.