Guilty Gear fans rejoice, New scans and videos of BlazBlue (Blue Blaze)

Destructoid: With all the hype around Street Fighter IV: Giant Dragon Penis Edition you might have missed another up and coming fighting game from the makers of the Guilty Gear / Accent Core folks called BlazBlue - a PS3 network exclusive that made its official debut this year at AOU in Japan.

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destroyah3751d ago

ah yes so it's only for arcades and PSN. sweet!

T_O873751d ago

Man i am gona kill my self all these PSN games and i cant get any
Cause sony didn't release there dam US PSN pre paid cards

INehalemEXI3751d ago <- This type of card is handy. I used to use this type of card since its pre paid through western union.

T_O873751d ago

i dont live in the US and i dont think i can get one of those western union cards

incogneato3751d ago

OH FUNK YES! I love Guilty Gear style games and this is a brand new franchise! I can't wait! IN HD!!!! OMG !!

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Laexerias3751d ago

oh my god.. this game will be so hot, and wtf i thought it is a Game on a Disc, i mean, wow, PSN Game!? Hot o_O

MK_Red3751d ago

PSN game!? Wow. A seriously awesome game and a must have for all 2D fighter fans. I though it's a normal BD game.

Kain813751d ago

yo baby yo
awesome news for PS3 owners

Harry1903751d ago

...but nice looks.just like a pumped up
version of guilty gear.

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The story is too old to be commented.