My Wii Sensor Bar Works Better On The Wii U Than The One That Came With The Wii U

Don't throw away that Wii sensor bar just yet.

- Trendy Gamers.

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TrendyGamers2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Has anyone else had problems with their sensor bar?

rolandfurious2191d ago

Huh, interesting.


2191d ago
RFornillos42190d ago

perhaps his gamepad may be facing him as he was playing. if i understand correctly the bar along the gamepads camera also act's as the sensor bar when using a wii remote.

TrendyGamers2190d ago

It wasn't that. I tried to use a Wii Remote when my GamePad was on and when it was off, still nothing.

It's not fun getting a defective bar out of the box.

RFornillos42189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

well, at least you still have the old sensor bar. pretty sure they will replace it when needed.

WiiUalpha2190d ago

I seriously doubt Nintendo went out and made a completely different bar for the Wii U. It looks the exact same as my Wii one.Maybe he just got a faulty unit.

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