Bonus Round: Game Industry 2012: Sony’s Performance

How did Sony fare in 2012? In this new episode, we look at Sony’s performance this year and peer into the future of the company. (10:39)

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Nimblest-Assassin2191d ago

I don't think the vita is dead... but sony needs to get the third parties on board with the thing. Sony has published some great games for vita (gravity rush, Uncharted, etc) But the 3rd party stuff has been ranging from meh to abysmal

AC3:Liberation, COD declassified, were supposed to be huge system sellers, and they were not very good games

jujubee882191d ago

I can see where he is coming from.

At the same time, I will be playing All-Stars like no ones business on VITA.


Embeepee2191d ago

It's been a poor year for Sony.

The Vitas sales have been dismal...I honestly don't think it has a place in today's market; It will sell under 20m units imo.

The PS3 is doing well though (in comparison to the Wii and X360, but it's still down YOY).

Godmars2902191d ago

Only if you don't count/compare the 360's first year.

jujubee882191d ago

Will this turn into "mobile and tablet" arguement that leads nowhere but those two words being thrown?

'Cause I can dig those.

ABizzel12191d ago

I don't think handhelds are in competition with cell phones, simply because a cell phone is somewhat of a necessity in most people lives, so a dedicated gaming device could be something they pick up eventually.

However, tablets are a serious threat to the Vita, because they're the hot item right now, and they are much better at being multipurpose devices than the problems Vita besides gaming and they generally cost less $199. This is making things hard for the Vita, among other things like:

1. A library of Content. (PS+ Vita needs 1 PS Vita game, 1 PSP, 1 PS1, 1 PS Mini, free each month, and give discounts on a couple of games and DLC for Vita games to improve the Vita library.)

2. Justifying it's price. The $250 Vita needs to go, because buying the handheld, a memory card, and a game cost between $300 - $400+ depending on the memory card and the game. That's insane. The holiday bundles cost $199 comes with the Vita, a game, and a memory card and should be the new pricing model from now on if the want the Vita to succeed.

3. Awful Marketing. Replace your entire marketing team and hire new fresh talent. The commercials for Vita were awful, boring, pieces of trash. You need a pop-culture commercial to see the Vita to the masses, not a documentary like most of the commercials have been.

4. Apps & Widgets. The huge advantage phones and tablets have over the Vita. So why not cut it out completely and allow Android Marketplace and other apps to be added to the Vita's library. It would make the VIta a better multipurpose device, as well as, a better gaming device with the inclusion of the Android HD Gaming Marketplace.

5. An audience. Cell Phones are for everyone. Tablets are for people who needs a stylish, small, convient computer, but don't want to pack around laptop. The 3DS is marketed towards kids, 3D enthusiast, and NIntendo fans. The Vita has no market beside you can play some of your PS3 games on the go, and it's powerful enough to run near console quality games. That sounds like enough, but only the most hardcore PS3 / PlayStation / Sony fans care about that. You need to apply the "It only does everything" model to Vita, but right now the quote only applies to cell phones and tablets.

If Sony can fix all 5 issues then they will have a successful device on their hands, but it needs to happen as early as March fo 2013, and thankfully most of this is completely feasible.

RivetCityGhoul2191d ago

what do you expect when sony is killing themselves. there own hardware is cannibalizing each other.

GribbleGrunger2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Let me explain: 'Virtual Mud-fling', a well know rockband, have two records on the market. Their first released single, 'Heaven help us', did really well and is still popular today. 'For crying out loud' is their recent track and is currently in the lower half of the charts and not doing anywhere near as well as 'Heaven help us'. 'Virtual Mud-fling' suggest to their manager that to boost sales of their second single, they should remove the first single from the shops. Their manager looks at them puzzled, 'But it's making you money!' he says and shrugs. 'But our fans want the second single to sell,' Mud-fling says in their defence. Their manager raises his eyebrows, 'I don't give a DAMN what they want. I'm in this business to make money, any damn way I can!'

raymantalk12188d ago

i agree with your explanation GribbleGrunger but i think you are making it too complicated for the young kids on this site to understand what you gotta understand is most of the people on here are american and are not smart enough to understand what you are tying to explain to them that is why you are getting the disagrees.

Jinkies2191d ago

I'm not ignoring it but as a gamer I don't care about all this sales talk.

"Oh Sony hasn't got good sales" blah blah blah

Honestly they provide us with good games and support for the PS3 and they at least try to fix things they've done wrong...they learn from their mistakes. Remember when it used to be about support/games not how much money a company is making.

I knmow the PSV is running into a few problems but the market is changing, especialy in this day and age with mobile games on the app store becoming a bigger thing.

Hopefully they'll grab third party developers attention and they'll put some effort into their PSV games. I really think Sony need an Animal Crossing styled game and a game that can compete with Mario Kart/Pokemon. Maybe they can get that Resident Evil PSP game back in development for the PSV, old school RE though.

ritsuka6662191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Vita is dead already........ At least Nintendo saw 3DS wasn't selling and decided to drop the price drastically. Sony is just like, 'screw it shit, let it burn'. No one is going to make software for a system that sells like shit.

KangarooSam2191d ago

1.Watch the video
2.Go play a Vita for more than 30 seconds
3.Prepare to respond to this comment with a completely different mindset

Norrison2191d ago

I have a Vita, the games aren't good, only game I liked was gravity rush. UC was average, Resistance felt generic, AC felt rushed, LBP was fun but got boring, almost no good levels, and so on; Vita games feel meh. I'm gonna play Persona 4 before I sell my Vita.

KangarooSam2191d ago


UC was pretty good, in my opinion. AC gives the experience of a console AC game. Kinda agree with LBP. I bought Ragnarok Odyssey the day it came out (almost 3 weeks ago) and it just looked average so I never got around to playing it until today; GREAT game. Seems repetitive at first but then you fight more monsters, collect more cards, etc. and I haven't even gone online, yet.

So far the Vita has a few gems that I feel most gamers in general would agree make it worth a purchase.

It's not like the only future titles are Tearaway, Killzone, Soul Sacrifice, Sly Cooper, FFX HD, and PSO2. There will be more announced closer to their release dates. Not all great games are hyped up for a year. There might be another 20 great games next year. Perhaps 100 or just a handful. Either way, the announced 2013 games alone make owning a Vita worth it.

The choice is yours, but it's not like we're expecting a price drop anytime anyway (lol) so why not hold on to your Vita for a while and see what happens? Chances are it won't lose any more value, and if it does at least you personally might still get some great experiences out of it.

fresh2death932191d ago

Only reason is because it doesn't have enough good games. The Ps Vita itself is great

Studio-YaMi2191d ago


Yea well .. coming from a troll who always bash Sony on every single playstation thread,excuse me if I don't take your words seriously !

I have the Vita,have more than 25 games for it,I'm enjoying it,waiting for my JRPG fix with Persona 4:the golden

and I also have a 3DS for my Nintendo First party fix,last game I got was Paper Mario:Sticker Star

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