Wii U Review - The Next Generation Of Gaming Begins Now I MTV Multiplayer

The Wii U is an intriguing piece of hardware and it's symbolic of a lot of firsts for Nintendo. It's the first time that a Nintendo console is in HD. It's the first time that a Nintendo system home to an online gaming community. It's the first time that Nintendo will be making full console releases available as digital downloads. Sadly, these are all things that Microsoft and Sony have been doing for years, and, for the most part, doing well. Nintendo's wait and see attitude may have paid off for them as a company, but it may have also lost countless gamers to the competition in the meantime. That's not to say that Nintendo hasn't crafted an amazing machine in the Wii U, in fact, it's the console that will singlehandedly change the way people play games for years to come.

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chcolatesnw2216d ago

what exactly constitutes "next generation"? it can't be story because we don't need new hardware for that, nor other elements of a game except graphics and computing power for things like A.I. but what i can't see is how in the world is WiiU next gen when it comes to graphics? most of the launch titles are no better than 360/ps3 counterparts. and of course dev's are going to get more familiar over time, but i don't expect visual fidelity to increase more than 50%.

Army_of_Darkness2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Now when I look back at the ps3's launch lineup(which was disappointing then), mainly Resistance, motor storm and heavenly sword. I take it back because it beats the wiiu's games in the visual and gameplay department hands down! which is unfortunate because for one, the developers should be use to making a good game for this current generation by now?!(plus they even have the extra power to do more) secondly, I have not really heard much regarding the wiiU is to "difficult" to work with, unlike the ps3's complex architecture complaint. So whats the deal here Developers?!

jbgamer2216d ago

just like the ps4 and 720 graphics will not be that much better, so they will not be next gen either!!! sorry wii u is next gen, graphics are better on COD, BATMAN, ASS.CREED 3, MASS EFFECT, NBA 2K13, NINJA GAIDEN RAZOR'S EDGE.. i HAVE ALL 3 SYSTEMS!!! these versions on the wii u just have better graphics, and the game play of the game pad also makes wii u next gen.

but that being said, graphics can only get so much better, just as next gen wii u which is only using 30% of it's full power, even in next year when wii u is at full power, and the other 2 next gen systems come out, the graphics just are not going to be that much better.. look at assassin's creed 3 , the wii u version has a little better graphics. but all the versions look like a damn avatar movie!! so ps4 and 720 are going to blow these graphics on 360, ps3, and next gen wii u away?? are you out of your mind????

so yes a machine can be next gen without blowing the current gen graphics out of the water.. game play like the wii u game pad is what is making systems next gen now.. I bet ps4 and xbox 720, concentrate less on grpahics like the wii u and focus more on unique game play.. if sony and micro soft want to survive the next gen, nintendo already has a one year start with wii u, they better concentrate on more unique game play... graphics have reached their peak, other areas will define next gen, now, just like the wii u.

2216d ago