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Reviewer Bryce Wilson writes, "Not to make any fun of my Australian brethren, but the “Aussie” way of pronouncing the third word in Activision’s cash cow franchise’s title is almost literal; “doody”. Despite having a two in the title, Black Ops II is in fact the ninth Call of Duty release we’ve seen this generation, and the essentially unchanged cut-and-paste formula from 2007 is beginning to show its age."

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Janitor1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I know this review is just one guys opinion, but he lost me when he said these are the worst maps in the series history. I strongly disagree, the maps are some of the best since COD 4, and waaaayyyy better than MW3's.

NoobJobz1890d ago

I don't know if the maps are the worst in the series, but I sure don't care for them. I can usually pick out my favorite maps fairly early but I'm struggling to find one I like. The Cargo one is by far my least favorite,.

Janitor1890d ago

Only one I don't really like is carrier.

Dovahkiin1890d ago

I like carrier, passionately hate Yemen however.