Sony PS4 dilemma with PS3 game discs doubt

With details slipping out frequently on Microsoft’s Xbox 720 console, there has been a complete opposite of details for the elusive Sony PS4. We all know it is coming, but Sony and industry sources have remained tight-lipped on what kind of specifications and features we can expect to see when it releases. PS4 backwards compatibility however, may not be one of them.

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Zodiac2221d ago

Just keep your ps3. BC is nice for some, but i prefer to play games on their respected platform.

All ps2 gaming this gen was done on a ps2.

Ps1, N64 had to be digital because i'm not paying 500 dollars for zelda or whatever.

Played GC games on a GC this gen, Xbox games on an Xbox.

You get the idea.

Abash2221d ago

I am honestly sick of hearing about PS4 rumors and the same rumors being picked apart. Wait for the console to be announced, geez

animegamingnerd2221d ago

yeah same here to me the next xbox and playstation doesn't exist in my mind until they are announced

RioKing2221d ago

Because you guys want more secrecy (less info) for more SURPRISE! during the official E3 unveiling. At least that's how it is for me :D

360ICE2221d ago

It's their profession. You might as well not read the article.

morganfell2221d ago

No details are slipping out but backwards compatibility may be a problem...

Not even waiting, are they.

SolidStoner2221d ago

If PC can handle ps2 games than I cant see any reason for ps4 to be worse... what I really hope is that next gen console will be closer to PC, with all console priorities! that would be great for us gamers AND developers! Same goes for ps3 bluray games, if ps4 have bluray player I just dont understand why would they didnt work, since this is no alien tehnology....

AAACE52221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

The thing i dont get is, how can it be so hard to play ps3 ga
mes on a ps4? I mean essentially it will be a more powerful ps3 becase it will probably still use bluray.

Btw... i dont plan on being an early adopter for either system. Usually the games arent that great but we make ourselves believe they are to justify the reason for upgrading.

My ps3 and 360 work fine... ill wait!

MikeMyers2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

If you're sick of hearing rumors for the PS4 then why read them?

What I find rather ironic about this article (if true) is how Sony went from being a pioneer of bringing BC to game consoles and really benefiting from this feature, to now almost shying away from it and instead try and get consumers to buy the same game over again (remastered or original). Not everyone wants multiple systems lying around, which is why it was a popular feature to begin with. Another issue may arise if the next Xbox comes with this feature out of the box much like the Wii U and Sony being left isolated. It's not a huge selling feature but it's one nonetheless.

As for 4K resolution I just don't see that happening. I don't think Sony will once again use the Playstation brand to propel a new format and be the leader in the next phase. One would have to consider how much space would be required for 4K on a bluray disc for example. They may offer a streaming service later on down the road but I don't see it being applied for gaming.

The PS4 will be about providing the best value at a reasonable cost. Supporting 4K is just too early and they definitely don't want to be bringing out a new format that eclipses bluray. I think they will stick with bluray but have much faster drive speeds. Along with a much needed ramp up in the amount of ram being allocated.

pixelsword2220d ago

"Sony and industry sources have remained tight-lipped on what kind of specifications and features we can expect to see when it releases. PS4 backwards compatibility however, may not be one of them."

I was for talking about the PS4, until I was against it.

Quit the double-talk: until you know about something, you don't.

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Amazingmrbrock2221d ago

That would be the nicest way to go about it but some people fund the purchase of their new console partly by selling the old one. 400+ isn't usually just kicking around in my bank account waiting for me to spend it. I usually have to scrimp and save for a few months, so being able to sell off my ps3 for 150 or so to get the shiny new ps4 is usually a great boon.

Beastforlifenoob2221d ago

TIP; Try to sell just before its announced you will get ALOT more money since once its announced alot of people will sell there PS3, so the supply will increase, yet the demand will decrekase... But then you are left with no console for some time.

kreate2221d ago


Hey sorry for being a retard but I would like to ask when the ps4 will be announced. So I can sell my ps3 just before ps4 is announced.

bangshi2220d ago

Save for a bit longer then.

You don't have to have it immediately. And if you want the PS4 to play your PS3 games, you're clearly content playing those older games - so why the rush to immediately buy the new console at the highest price it will ever be?

I find the argument of trading in the old console to save money on the new one a flawed case.

Dasteru2221d ago

N64 games aren't $500 lol.

Ocarina of time is worth $40 used
Majora's mask is $50

Zodiac2221d ago

I'm not into the idea of buying used cartridge games from 15 years ago.

If i was going to buy n64 or earlier, then i would like it new, but that is almost impossible for the games worth playing.

No fun buying used retro games.

konnerbllb2221d ago

Ocarina of time is less than two dollars right now on Ebay.

Dasteru2221d ago


I think you need to learn how Ebay works.

Those are bids not buyouts.

The retro game list price for OOT is $40 for a grey cart and $50 for gold (used, No box)

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Pillsbury12221d ago

Someone with common sense, I still break out my ps2 and ps1 when I want to play classics.

DeadlyFire2221d ago

I don't see how its sooooooo difficult. Sure you can't emulate it. Just put PS3 kit inside of PS4. Easy as pie. PS3 CPU+GPU all that are really necessary right?

Mr Tretton2221d ago

If PS4 isn't BC to PS3 discs, it's because there is more money to be made in selling new digital copies on PSN then giving people BC. Simple as that.

A PC can emulate any console pre-current gen, that has ever existed. Emulators made by hobbyists. So how is a multi million dollar company not 'able' to emulate a previous console on the next? No money in it. Only a small number of people pass on a console due to no BC.

extermin8or2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

well I for one would quite like backwards compatibility, the way the rumours are working etc i expect we'll see a similar announcement time as vita had last year so a playstation meeting event in london or new york or maybe even Tokyo or somewhere like that in feb/march with a planned launch in approximately a years time (the vita was expected to launch worldwide before last xmas the earthquake/tsunami slowed production and that wasn't possible) and as I'll be at uni (but still fully intend to get one :P I should probably start saving soon actually) I would love backwards compatibility just so I can still play the games I've kept and not sold when bored of, so mainly the ps3 exclusives and arkham city etc plus that will save me needing to buy new games. Also if the ps4 is announced soonish and has no B/C with ps3 games I'm going to find it a real struggle to justify purchasing say The Last of Us or GTA5 so close to them being superseded; yeah my ps3 will still be at home and they can be played on there but.... It does at least need to be able to play PSN/PS£ games off psn really and the ps1 and ps2 psn games for certain- after all people will be annoyed if digital stuff also becomes redundant on the new console especially seeing as it tends to carry a higher price than retail and that could harm their digital ambitions for the next generation of consoles really with people reluctant to buy digitally earing loosing it all again come the start of the gen after next :O

SkyGamer2220d ago

There are a few problems with bc on ps4. First let's take into consideration of the CPU. The Cell and amd a8 or a10 will be different architecture. Then with memory. The ps3 uses only 256 but of high speed memory so that developers use their memory different, that will be an issue if they have more, obviously but not as fast, probable. Then on to the video card. Will nVidia charge sony royalties and manufacturing for their 7800gtx? Much like they did with Microsoft and the Xbox? So there are three major points for bc becoming a BIG deal in the ps4. Like the above poster states, just keep your ps3. I still have a launch date ps3 60 gb model with firmware right before the loss of other os.

bangshi2220d ago


I didn't hear people moaning that their CD walkman didn't play their old cassette tapes or that their DVD player wasn't playing their VHS tapes.

People are just WANT WANT WANT, NOW NOW NOW.

If you can't afford it without trading in your old console, save a little more.

Simple as.

Vortex3D2220d ago

If you still have the launch PS3 console, you can play PS1, PS2 and PS3 and then PS4 console for PS4 games.

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Lucreto2221d ago

I don't believe a word of it.

The developer in question so far have made one game for the PS3. Even that is a PSN game.

andibandit2221d ago

Which developer, the article seemed to keep it anonymous?.

Lucreto2221d ago

I went back to the interview the developer is from Clever Beans and they made When Vikings attack.

extermin8or2220d ago

I believe it; look at the spot on vita rumours they came from the same kind of developers as these are coming from; if the small devs are making sony exclusive games timed or permanently they are likely to share new tech info with them to work on stuff for launch so it has a variety of launch titles both online and off.....

BitbyDeath2221d ago

Guess these guys missed the flood of PS4 rumours that have been ongoing for quite some time.

moodgamer2221d ago

If i buy a new Playstation or Xbox i will not care about this dilemma. If i have a Ps3 i play my PS3 games on hit. Like a still play some PS2 games on the PS2. Its cool to have backwards comptibility but its not the purpose of a new console to play different and new games? That's why its a new console.

The Great Melon2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

New and different games games don't necessarily mean recently released. I only played the original Metal Gear Solid this generation on my 60 GB PS3. I didn't own PlayStation, so was very happy to enjoy older games that I missed out on when I was narrow-mind Nintendo fanboy as a kid.

As I witness more and more console generations, I have a growing appreciation of PC gaming. Practically every game released in my lifetime can still be played on my current computer. Media may cause some slight issues, but its nice to now I can still play something like Starcraft which came out over 15 years ago.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

also hd remakes are more than just hd..

Even if my pc is not the most high end like the opion to have the new tech at any time.
you might want to watch that in HD.
and then there is steam.

on topic:
but I really want to see sony return to there glory days. Seeing ps3 surpass 360 after selling 70 million+ and the fact that 360 had a year start? lol yeah ps brand is still strong.

Also I think gaikai will be used some how for old games.

ConstipatedGorilla2221d ago


"but I really want to see sony return to there glory days. Seeing ps3 surpass 360 after selling 70 million+ and the fact that 360 had a year start? lol yeah ps brand is still strong."

Why is this so important to you? Do you own Sony stock?

Muerte24942221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

early adopter kind of pays off. I bought a refurbished 60gig ps3 in 2007. It still works til this very day and I also keep my BC because at that time, EmotionEngine was built in. My theory is this, unless they have a incredible launch line up like WiiU (re-releases) then BC is a must. You want to wait until your library is substantial enough before removing it (i.e xbox360-ps3). It may not remain that way for the entire gen, but I can see being there at launch.

urwifeminder2221d ago

In the very least i hope the next xbox is backwards compatable im sure it will as it will use similar tech.

RioKing2221d ago

Screw the next Xbox... this is a Playstation article, boy!

bozebo2221d ago

"it will use similar tech."
you are talking total tripe.

etownone2221d ago

Yeah, I really hope it is.