Did You Get Your Wii U? Feedback Needed… [WiiUForums]

GameFans writes:
"So, in case you didn’t already know, the GameFans network of sites includes the where our Wii U fans congregate to share the latest about the Wii U. As the time changes throughout the zones, the new console is released. WiiUforums would like to know if you’ve picked one up and what your first impressions are."

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GuruStarr782188d ago

Got mine... or rather, my wife picked it up for me today while I was at work (stuck here at the firehouse for 24 hours!).... Can't wait to get home tomorrow morning, open it and set it up....

Kinda dreading that 5gb update, though... I'll have to play some Halo 4 while I wait..

aceitman2188d ago

i got mine , it is sweet having super mario u in hd it looks great and it plays at 1080p , the issue i have is the pad controller its a little to bulky while trying to play super mario u , and the 5 gig install was so painful to wait on .the pad controller is to big to control for my kid , and my wife says its to akward , not sure how this is going to go with the casual gamers they kinda like things on the simple side .next time i play im going to try the wiimote . and was hoping for pikmin 3 , rayman and 1001 but got pusshed to next year.

bestofthebest2188d ago

yea the controller is huge and i wish there was a way to shut the display off on the controller cause its somewhat distracting. I might try the wii remote next time

scottd2188d ago

I knew the controller would feel awkward, that sucks that the display cant be shut off while playing on TV

Realplaya2188d ago

I got mine and won't buy games until black friday. I have been trying the netflix app and have played nintendoland that came with it and have added my 20.00 eshop card.

1.Yeah the pad may feel akward but it's a rounded edged tablet what did anyone expect.

2. The video in the pad will catch your attention at times but on the netflix app it shows the title, gives a description, and shows where I am on the show i'm watching.

3. The internet browser is the best I have seen on a game Hell it's better than my laptops.

I will have more reviews later but the system is nicely built.

sal772188d ago

enjoying mines so far