Gamekult review: Hitman Absolution

Gamekult writes: More Hollywoodian, a bit more linear too, Absolution is a bipolar and paradoxical game. We salute the smoother ergonomy, the shiny new graphical engine, and IO's lasting talent to craft stimulating and possibility-rich assassinations. However, we regret that this long (expect about 20 hours) adventure is so uneven. There's often a single load time between a memorable moment and a drag. This is exacerbated by the compartmentalization of playing areas; the potential of certain environments is ruined by their complete separation from the rest of the level. Newcomers will find in this game an ideal first step to get to know the complex Agent 47.
But it is also hard to turn a blind eye to the regressions, some of them unjustifiable, that Hitman has gone through in other regards. Let's be clear, Absolution is still a good game, really fun when it's at its best, a title Agent 47 shouldn't be ashamed of. But it could have been so much more if it hadn't tried to go where it had no pl...

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