3 tips for tracking down a Wii U if you didn't preorder

If you're hoping to find a Wii U on launch week but didn't preorder one, these tips might help you in your search.

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OneAboveAll2102d ago

Still not learning from the past I see Nintendo.

Perhaps when you release the Wii-Wii or whatever the hell next Nintendo console is you will be better prepared and ship more units? -______-

LouisGarcia2102d ago

Hmm... Doesn't seem that tough. Almost every Target store in the Twin Cities is stocked, and quite well.

TripC502102d ago

Im on the wait list at a gamestop. Got put on it a while back... the burns...

WeAreLegion2102d ago

Did you try calling Walmart or Target? The two near me still have plenty and I'm hearing that most stores got tons of them. I'd at least give it a try. :)

TripC502102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

holy tit balls...

Horny2102d ago

Ya walmart and target have them. Gamestop seems to be the only store with low stock