5 PSOne Classics Worth Playing On Your PS Vita

The Games Cabin's Chris writes: "Are you finding yourself with no games to play on your PS Vita? Aced all the ones currently available? Or maybe you’re just a bit strapped for cash and can’t afford to shell out on an expensive game at the moment, we know, we’ve all been there. Fret not, there are alternatives."

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CalvinKlein2217d ago

Resident evil 1-3, FF7-FF9, SILENT HILL

zero_cool2217d ago

Applying that only 5 PS1 classics are worth playing on a platstation vita feels unjustified!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

HarvesterOSarow2217d ago

Xenogears, Breath of Fire IV, Front Mission 3, Suikoden, Alundra/Arc the Lad.

cfountain2217d ago

Breath of Fire 4 and Alundra get my vote.

justncase2217d ago

Saw this and thought id grab crash 1 and 3 only to find out they don't work on the (us) Vita. I wish these people would research before they post these games. I was looking forward to see how these games looked on the vita only to find out you can't transfer them to your vita thanks a lot dufus and these games look like crap on the big screen.. I wont my money back p-brain