*StreetFighter 4 and King of Fighter XII High Quality Videos*

StreetFighter 4 King and of Fighters XII High Quality videos are up for grabs!

The files are in Torrents, but direct downloads will be up soon.

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destroyah3807d ago

umm i can't read Japanese. wtf?

Sangria3807d ago

King Of Fighters XII:
Street Fighters IV:
Click on red link where is written "Download ダウンロード" and that's all.

Sound is sad but videos are still quite nice, with BlazeBlue, next-gen 2D fighting sounds great.

Skerj3807d ago

Holy all that is awesome KOF IS EFFIN GORGEOUS!! That video, while not the BEST quality is TONS better than the initial one and you can see the detail and clarity in the sprites. Blaz Blue has it in the background area but it looks like KOFXII has the animation.

skitzoid3807d ago

What plays bit torrents?

Mercutio3807d ago

Google it, install it and then go to that site and download it.

likeaboss3023807d ago

KOF looks pretty sick! I'd love to see this game on 360 or PS3 with online play. Still waiting on SF4 to download.

ShinFuYux3807d ago

Just inform me when the direct download is up.

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