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Polygon-ZombiU Review

PG:Originally starting life as a much different, goofier game, ZombiU is deadly serious, no pun intended. It's bleak and violent and dark. It's not triumphant or slick. It's not about spectacle, and it's not a technological tour de force.

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Community1520d ago
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MNGamer-N1520d ago

I've been playing this game. It is scary. And difficult. You die. Alot. You use your cricket bat alot. Guns? Not so much. Walking around the city is scary... So I think that this is a fair score, even though some heavy FPS fans will be disappointed with the limited guns n' ammo aspect of the game.

RFornillos41520d ago

funny how gamestop reviewer mentioned that "some rooms are claustrophobic" -- i thought that was supposed to be the point of survival horror.

if zombies were real, wouldn't you want to be in a room were you'll feel secure having grasp of your surroundings, hiding from the zombies? or would you rather be out in the open, where hordes (or waves in the case of World War Z) of them can see you?

millzy1021520d ago

its not ment to be an fps it a SURVIVAL HORROR. so action orientated fps players have no point in playing this in the first place they should do there research first. also notice no one comments on good scored for this game only bad shows how immature "mature" gamers are.

SuperShyGuy1520d ago



Positive review here! No one ok

Going to go back and look at the Black Ops Vita reviews to see whos a hypocrite here.

Hypocrites on both sides ready to jump on bad reviews defend it if wanted the game to fail, and say the reviewer is an idiot if they wanted the game to be good

jmc88881520d ago

I've saw on previews that you can get other weapons, like a hammer I think? So there should be other melee weapons. But maybe people are sticking with the cricket bat because of the reach?

Neonridr1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

This game's reviews are so polarized right now.. But you know what, that actually makes the game seem more real. Some people will enjoy the game, some people won't. At least it's getting review scores that reflect different tastes of different gamers.