Hitman Absolution Sexy Saints trailer vs The Saints in game

Remember those sexy nuns featured in the Attack of the Saints trailer, this video compares how IO Interactive presented them in the final game. Was this the original plan or tailored after the trailer backlash IO Interactive received.

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RaidensRising1889d ago

Ahh that trailer again.Scaled down to five instead of eight.

fabod861889d ago

eh? i saw 7 kills... oO

Nimblest-Assassin1889d ago


The GO WITH GOD MOTHERF**KER was perfect

Jinkies1889d ago

Didn't they expand on the the Saints because of the backlash they were getting. Basicaly added more gameplay to the game to the villains out to get Agent 47

....Well look at that, this is possible because people SPOKE OUT and still people called them "crybabies" or "complainers"....wel l you wouldn't of probably gotten this if that was the case.

Flavor1889d ago

then it seems the crybabies can keep crying, since you still get to murder them in any number of gruesome methods, and they are still dressed like a thirteen year old's virginal fantasy. And there's even naughty language for all the prudes to get worked up over.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Jinkies1889d ago

Pfft I don't care about murdering them, people were only p***** off because there was no backstory to them and they were just being used to make the game seem sexy when thats not what Hitman was about

Oh and look at that there part of the story now

Seems like something good came out of it.

SilentNegotiator1889d ago

It's only been a few months and people have already forgotten the entire situation. Even the developers admitted that there was a lack of content IN GAME and they added some.

But the internet hates anything and anyone that says anything that could in any way be interpreted as a call for censorship. And apparently they're so full of sh** that they think they know better than the developer about a game they hadn't played yet.

fabod861889d ago

watched it again... they are 7. ;)

phinch1889d ago

I know its not real, but i still don't like the idea of this

ThichQuangDuck1889d ago

Should game developers or makers of any media for that manner check with everyone to be sure no one is offended.It would be completely non nonsensical to change a game because the story offends people.

phinch1889d ago

Where did i say i was offended? im all for blood and guts piss and shit, but as a man and very primitivly my instinct is to protect women, like i said i know it isnt real, but it definitely gives me an un easy feeling watching it

ThichQuangDuck1889d ago


I understand what you are saying. However even after the nuns are contextualized people will still complain even if their attire makes sense. They happen to use their sexual appeal as a weapon as well. People did not quite complain this much when catwoman was berated as a bitch and that was essentially her gameplay change in Batman Arkham City. I will not excuse Mysogny if it is what it is,but if the element makes sense in the story than it makes sense.

sincitysir11889d ago

i agree. kinda sexist if you think about it. if they were men itd be ok but because its women its wrong?

ThichQuangDuck1889d ago


Yeah even though I am articulating it poorly you comprehend. Ha Male nuns, girl nuns, whatever. Gender roles cannot be defeated if we cling to them. Woman should be just as capable of evil in media as men. To say other wise is actually sexist.

Kingofforest1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

men can be just as powerful over women.

until women can asexually reproduce them selves, bitches need us.

sincitysir11889d ago

yeah i mean "but as a man and very primitivly my instinct is to protect women"

its those kind of comments that will continue to forever keep gender roles alive.

i understand one trying to be sensitive and a romantic but my natural instinct isnt to protect women but rather those i love.

women=men. thats it. lets move on.

skip to around 25-30 seconds

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e-p-ayeaH1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

ignore this post

e-p-ayeaH1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I also don't like the idea to kill defenseless animals in videogames but i do it anyways because its just fiction and i learn to have fun with any morals getting in the way.

That´s the beauty of video games.

phinch1888d ago

imagine someone gave you the choice right now, you have to kill and animal, or a lady, of course you would chose and animal, its no comparison

CaptCalvin1889d ago

You let your "primitive instinct" get in your way and you call yourself a man? That's actually called being a boy.

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