Gamespot-ZombiU Review

GS:With an uninteresting world and dull combat, the survival horror game ZombiU is a weak link in the Wii U's launch lineup.

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NukaCola2136d ago

This game is getting mixed scores, but some of these scores are low down into the Black Ops Declassified AKA 'broken game zone'.

Jinkies2136d ago

I think it's mostly because some sites are giving it the benefit of the doubt since it's a launch game.

iamnsuperman2136d ago

Either that (and the other reviews sway more on the multiplayer which seems to be positively reviewed) or the review is dead wrong but he does provide evidence in what he says. I guess its a rent first then if you like buy it because these reviews are all over the place (from 4.5 to 9)

StrawberryDiesel4202136d ago

No, most reviewers who are also nintendo fans were so pumped for it and can't accept the fact that it is a broken game. Nintendo fans can't give a launch game that was so hyped as the most awesome zombie game a low score and just can't be objective. Every good score for the game is more than likely a skewed and subjective review from a long time nintendo fan. The reviewer from Gamespot has no reason to lie, he just did his/her job and played the game and reviewed it accordingly from an OBJECTIVE opinion. The game just outright sucks.

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Panthers2136d ago

I think it is just too hard for some. That seems to be the overall jist of the reviews. Either people love the difficulty, or hate it.

Yes that difficulty is created with clunky controls and limited ammo, but this isnt COD Zombies. I think it looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I probably wont have a WiiU for a while.

XxWalksOfShamexX2136d ago

I honestly see this as another assassins creed, because just like assassins creed, they had a really good concept and didn't pull it off right. Any game with mixed reviews, I usually hold off on, but I will keep my eyes on the sequel.

LastDance2136d ago

"Many of the environments are claustrophobic?"


It's a survival horror is this a negative point?

Neonridr2135d ago

@StrawberryDiesel420 - Oh yes, all the positive review scores are biased and they are just Nintendo fans, but all the bad review scores are the truth right?

So if a Sony game gets a bad score, oh they just don't understand the game, and the game is actually much better than they say it is..

Give me a break.

jeseth2135d ago

I have to say I'm pretty bummed about the reviews. Most have been mediocre to just plain bad!

I like how if you die you come back as someone completely new that picks up where your last character dies off.

Other than that, it looks like a sub par Dead Island. The graphics look pretty bad to for something touting to have graphics as good and better than PS3/360.

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LOGICWINS2136d ago

At around 2:45, he talks about how the prepper doesn't even recognize when a new character has arrived. Thats incredibly dumb. How could the devs miss that? This game was clearly rushed.

extermin8or2135d ago

yeah and @neonridr is a game gets several reviews and say 2 are worse than all the others by a fair bit then it's be fair to say the reviews being so harsh were unfair, when a game like this is released and it gets mixed/low reviews then I think probably what with it being a launch title wealth which people tend to be more lenient with.

wastedcells2136d ago

Well at least the cricket bat is getting some love. Maybe too much. Could the cricket bat become a wii u mascot?

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dark-hollow2136d ago

What happened to "gaming journalism is a joke and we shouldn't trust it" that we see in every black ops declassified review comments just some days ago?

DonMingos2135d ago

Don't worry, Nintendo Fans will bring those comments back preety soon

DonMingos2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Both games are bad... But this was suppose to be a launch hit for WiiU... wich game will sell better, ZombieU or COD BO Declassified?

donman12136d ago

Sigh!!!... Well this game is now off my list. There is no denying the fact that the game mechanics isn't robust enough for purchase. 4 to 6 time of applying the cricket bat to the head over and over again as your primary means of gameplay = Fail. Plus no real online experience makes this game a pass for me.

This is Red Steel all over again. What is up with Nintendo quality management.

coolman2292135d ago

You're trusting a Gamespot review?

donman12135d ago


No I do not, but I did watch over 50% walkthrough gameplay which confirms some of the overly repetitive gameplay mechanics talked about by gamespot. ZombiU 2 will be the version I will own. The only two games I will be purchasing for the Wii U this year are Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin’s Creed III. Then download Trine 2: Director’s Cut.

i will wait for the real Mario game. I can always get a used New Super Mario Bros. U game later.

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Enmson2136d ago

Sad to see this game get bad reviews

LOGICWINS2136d ago

Bad games should get bad reviews. Thats why we have them. To stop us from spending our hard earned $60 on something that isn't worth it.

StraightedgeSES2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

So what if the game got a bad review but you liked it?

maelstromb2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

He's not saying that despite it being a bad game that he wishes it got more favorable review scores. He's simply stating that he was hoping for a better game, like a lot of us. Jeez, why don't you just calm down.

WeskerChildReborned2136d ago

So are you saying this game is bad? Cause i've seen some positive reviews and these are all just opinions.

LOGICWINS2136d ago

^^I'm saying that bad games should get bad reviews. I'll have to play it to see if its TRULY a bad game for me.

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AsimLeonheart2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

LOL! There goes Nintendo fans' killer app. After all the hype created by Nintendo and their fans by touting the BEST launch line-up EVER, these are the reviews they get. The graphics of this supposedly "next-gen" console are also worse then current gen. Moreover, slowly the reality about Wii U is being revealed. We now know that WiiU RAM is slower than 6/7 year old PS360. The 5GB firmware update is bricking consoles. Soon the underpowered CPU and GPU will be revealed as well. Nintendo was hiding the specs and details for this very reason. They were tricking the Nintendo fans into buying this crappy, underpowered and last-gen console.

Jinkies2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Well Said

Hardcore Nintendo fans are gullible though. I mean how many same old Nintendo fans have been saying the opposite of what you've just said on here for months.

LOGICWINS2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

As I said before, Nintendo is ALL about perception. They have this ability to manipulate people into buying underpowered consoles over and over again even though all they do is underdeliver and overpromise.

As a kid, I bought a GBA Pocket, GBA Color, GBA Advance, and GBA SP. To this day, I have no idea why I did it.

maximus19852136d ago

lol man you just blew my mind. i did the same thing now that i think about it.

sashimi2136d ago

That is exactly the same as my childhood, I also have no idea why i had every one of them.

Blastoise2136d ago

The gameboy advances were awesome, that's why!

Neckbear2136d ago

Game Boy Advance Color, Game Boy Advance Pocket, Game Boy Advance Advance?

Yeah man, lord knows why!

SuperShyGuy2136d ago

What about "GBA Express", "GBA Lynx", "GBA micro", "GBA DS", "GBA DSXL", "GBA DSi". "GBA 3DS" and "GBA 3DSXL"

Oh and you may have bought them because they had the best games despite being weaker.

Like PSX and PS2 had the best games but was weaker. Just a thought

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demonddel2136d ago

Man U sound stupid Give the system some time a console never came out with a good looking games in the beginning except for maybe the Dreamcast wait till you see the next Zelda game at E3 make sure u have a wiping rag with you

AsimLeonheart2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

"Humph. Hope, it is the quintessential Nintendo Fan delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness." (The Architect)


bitboi2136d ago

I really really hope the next consoles from Sony and microsoft truly blow you outta the water. As far as with their graphics and what it can do from day one, the systems better be night and day compared to what your playing now. Otherwise your gonna be very disappointed...

soljah2136d ago

with Nintendo its never about the hardware and specs. they just put out a cheap console with Mario and Zelda on it and the fans buy them up.
the thing about this system though is that its not that cheap to start with and you need to spend $100's more to make it complete, with external hard drive another game tablet and several different other controller to use depending on the game you are playing

MEsoJD2136d ago

It's redsteel all over again.

jmc88882136d ago

Actually you are quite wrong.

The gamespot reviewer missed a lot of things. I mean really, how can you say the gamepad does this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this...and yet put ONLY asd if it wasn't enough. Oh and he MISSED the whole radar feature.

So if he didn't know the radar feature, how do we know he did a good job on the rest? Also it depends on the methodology. Gaming scores aren't like American Grade System where 59 and below = fail. Technically 5 is supposed to be a middle of the road game. So is the reviewer saying it's just slightly below a middle of the road game or is he saying it sucks. You are also cherry picking the review YOU want to hear. Most of the reviews are in the 7-9 region, not 4.5-5 region.

So again, you are hearing what you want to hear. Which in each one of your supposed points seems to be a theme.

Actually NONE of the consoles will be 'next-gen'. But that's another story. All are 'this gen, done right' or 'This gen, fully realized'. As it'll be top end PC gear 3-5 years that finally gives us what most people consider are 'next gen' graphics.

Also we don't 'now know' that the RAM of the Wii U is slower, we're getting a really rudimentary estimate by looking at one piece of the puzzle. As has been described elsewhere you can't look at the ram chip alone and determine the bandwidth. That's crazy talk. So no, we 'don't know' what it is, and what you're throwing around is 100 percent false, as the 17.7 gb/s number is missing alot of other aspects that make up the ACTUAL bandwidth number.

Also the 5gb firmware update is NOT bricking consoles. It's human error. Would you turn off your power during a 360/PS3/PC GPU firmware update? I don't think so. These people didn't realize it would take that long so they turned off their Wii U. So it wasn't the update bricking it, it was the people, and even then we haven't heard if this is permanent or temporary setback.

We haven't heard about the CPU in finality. We heard 3 cores and 12 threads, but I read by one person it's a quad core, so again, time needs to go on. Besides it's the GPU that does most of the pushing, and the CPU is definitely secondary in terms of performance. As long as it's not a major bottleneck (and with 12-16 threads there not much reason to believe that). All we have really is a comment by a dev that makes the same game over and over again. If a dev does the same thing everytime, I don't expect them to be able to handle new tech very well.

So all your assumptions are cherry picked, see what you want, and making incorrect final conclusions.

Me personally, doesn't matter. I have a 360/PS3/ i7 920 @4ghz and GTX 670 PC.

I have a Wii U on the way, and will be buying a PS4 and a 720. Though none of three will be better than my current PC. The tech doesn't exist to do it.

But keep up with your meme, I guess it means something to you to dog the Wii U. It won't make your system any more powerful. It won't make the next version any more powerful.

dragonrage002135d ago

What Nintendo fan claimed this was the best launch line up ever? I havent heard that (the line up clearly sucked, even before the review scores). That said, stop bringing up specs to claim the wiiU sucks. When the current gen begun, sony fanboys brought that up, and it ended up making no difference except for a few exclusives (arguably).

Furthermore, stop saying Nintendo tricks the consumers. They try to sell their products like any other company. If you buy them or not its up to you. If you bought 100 versions of the same gameboy, its YOUR FAULT.

(Before someone takes the easy route and call me a Nintendo fanboy, I dont own a wii, and dont plan on getting a wiiU (at least anytime soon), but some of the comments here just bother me)

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Timesplitter142136d ago

I'm not really surprised to be honest

ozzywazzy2136d ago

Insightful video. If the cricket bat thing is correct I can see that getting incredibly boring. Shame, this game was one of the reasons I was considering perhaps getting a wii u. I'll definitely wait it out now.