Gadget Lab: Nokia N81 Review - First US Phone With N-GAGE Platform

Gadget Lab writes:

"This handset has a 3D graphics accelerator, super-bright 16-million-color screen, and physical controls geared toward gaming.

WIRED 3G and Wi-Fi, which should be standard on every phone, thank you very much. Gaming controls work as advertised, with nary a mis-pressed button in several straphanger gaming sessions. 8 gigs is, like, plenty of memory. Sleek design and excellent build quality. Unlocked. Autofocus-free 2-megapizzle camera is paparazzi-fast.

TIRED Paparazzi-fast camera seems like it's trying especially hard not to focus. Fancy piano-black screen is the opposite of antireflective. Topside button is built around the speaker, and squeaks if you move the phone around during a conversation (= always). Flat, nearly featureless keypad is impossible to use without looking down. Yo Nokia, why can't you include at least one free game with my $630 phone? And where the @#$! is Snakes?!"

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Lord_Ash3714d ago

I’m done with Nokia, I’ve been a customer for more than 12 years and I was a Nokia Fanboy, but their new OS just sucks, it hangs on you, it restarts on its own and you can’t open more than one application at a time and that’s just some of the issues.

I’m happy with Sony Ericsson now, even though their phones aren’t perfect yet, they are going forward rather than backward, and I’m eagerly waiting Sony Ericsson X1.

But even so I respect Nokia for inventing and trying new things, they should just keep their phones in the testing phase a bit longer.