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Jim Sterling writes, "Tank! Tank! Tank! clearly seeks the same kind of cult success, as evidenced by its delightfully stupid name. It begins its first mission with the briefing, 'Giant mechanical spiders are attacking the city,' without context or reason, and the game is a non-stop, colorful, sense-addling marathon of tank-on-robot action. It sounds perfect.

That, unfortunately, is the tragic lure of the wacky game that exploits its silliness to try and get away with being rubbish. Such an endeavor ends up, like Tank! Tank! Tank!, as nothing more than a waste of deliciously dumb ideas."

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sarshelyam2214d ago

Damn...I kind of enjoyed this in the arcade. I guess it didn't translate so well?

from the beach2214d ago

I would ignore the reviews for this game to be honest, it's going to be the 'whipping boy' of the Wii U launch crop - arcade game, easy target, no-one's heard of it etc., so every comedian of the game review circuit will be filling their boots. Wank! Wank! Wank! -- that's HILARIOUS, JIMMY.

His complaints about the controls range from exaggeration to outright pish - as you'll know the game is fast-paced and the tanks are nimble.

And if the game has been padded out it's a shame. Should have been exactly what you get on the coin-op, no more and no less.

2214d ago