Far Cry 3's Unanswered Question

Is there a reason Ubisoft is keeping information on Far Cry 3's map-editor on the "down-low"? Gamers want to know!Here is what Game Pandemic thinks:

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x8001853d ago

It would be cool if they gave us the map editor.

Rynocirator1853d ago

Already confirmed on all platforms

pr0digyZA1853d ago

Single player - confirmed
multiplayer - confirmed
co-op - confirmed
map editor - confirmed

Heres just the single player map (not including co-op island or multiplayer island.

Bathyj1853d ago

Yeah, please tell me you can make makes and put AI into them.
I have no interest in MP, but making your own SP levels to tackle would be great.

spicelicka1853d ago

That would've been awesome but i doubt it'll happen. Something like that would've been confirmed by e3 and marketed like crazy. That would've been a selling point so there's no way they kept something like that a secret.

Mutant-Spud1853d ago

AI might also mean animals in this context.

1851d ago
Plagasx1853d ago

I remember how awesome Far Cry Instincts map editor was and I would spend hours making some cool stuff!

Stoppokingme1853d ago

I really hope the editor can be used to add content to SP, i remember how fun it was to play with the elder scrolls construction set.

MRMagoo1231853d ago

I find it odd this game isnt on torrent sites yet with such little time till release , they must have done a very good job at keeping it away from ppl.