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1UP:Wii U Hardware Review: A Solid, if Imperfect, Start

1UP: The Wii U's core is probably the least interesting thing about it, in my opinion. It's essentially a piece of kit on par with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but compacted into a box about the size of the Wii. I don't see much sense in arguing about whether it's more or less powerful than other current systems -- even as far back as the Super NES/Genesis console wars, you can see the vagaries of hardware "power" at play. (Wii U) -

chadboban  +   986d ago
Well to be fair, I wouldn't call ANY console launch perfect. They've pretty much all had problems, but they always get better over time. I'm getting a Wii U, most likely very early next year, same way I'm getting a PS4 whenever that releases. Fanboys can suck it.
chasegarcia  +   986d ago
I plan on waiting(if i could) then get all three consoles at the same time.
Army_of_Darkness  +   986d ago
Lazy developers, or weak hardware??
Judging buy the games so far(including first party titles) It seems more like Very Lazy developers that don't care so much.
I'm looking forward to seeing the game developers that are more dedicated to making a great game on the wiiU, like platinum games and their Bayonetta sequel. If that sucks, all is lost for wiiU...
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StanSmith  +   986d ago
Saying the developers are lazy is harsh.

It's more of a case of them having very limited time to get the games ported over and ready for launch.

Greedy Publishers are more likely to blame.
StanSmith  +   986d ago
Another article claiming the WiiU is only on par with the PS3/360...

Really unsure about keeping my pre order now. I may wait until a HD Mario Kart and 3D Mario release.

In the meantime, I'll probably stick to my PS3/360 and my Wii/3DS for my Nintendo fix.
jmc8888  +   986d ago
They're not saying it's 'on par' they're GUESSING it's 'on par'.

But then again if you saw some early Xbox 360 games, you might guess the same between it and a PS2. Obviously the 360 was far more powerful than the PS2.

Of course do as you please, but if you're going to make a decision to get or cancel something, at least do so on actual facts, not just people guessing.

They aren't basing the 'powerful' arguments on facts, they're just guessing based on some ports and 1st wave titles, which rarely shine through and show a system's power. Even then mostly just guessing based on past notions.

Maybe you could really use the money elsewhere, so who knows. I just like to make decisions based on facts, not just guesses.
Griffin4871  +   986d ago
StanSmith  +   986d ago
That's why I said they're CLAIMING it's on par.

Perhaps I should have made that clearer.
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Bellcross  +   986d ago
I don't see why most are judging the Wii U so early, it seems people forget that launch titles tend to be very close to the previous generation games because the hardware is new. give it time before we make any assumptions.
StanSmith  +   986d ago
This needs posting here. http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

Somebody from neogaf stumbled across a testing page on MiiVerse. It's been blocked now but they found some very interesting info!

New games on the way?

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Crotin  +   986d ago
I'm waiting on Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 to get one. As far as game comparisons, we all know Nintendo has a track record of .putting more emphasis on gameplay than graphics of a new console

I'm sure when Metroid and Zelda are released, they'll be the main benchmark to show what the Wii U can do. For now I'm just keeping my expectations low on graphics like I have been for the past 2 Nintendo consoles.

Another selling point of the system for me would be how well the TV functions work. NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN, NBA League Pass would make me pick one up now lol.

I know Nintendo doesn't care about achievements either, but a good idea would be if they'd convert game status into Club Nintendo some way. Achieve something and you get a certain amount of coins for it besides just for purchases.

I'll wait on more word-of-mouth reviews, but the system has some awesome potential. Also bringing it with you on road trips in a hotel or something sounds cool since you can play directly on the gamepad
wiiulee  +   985d ago
the wiiu is a great system and will win this next generation...you heard sony wishing them all the best , cause it all starts and ends with nintendo despite haters and silly kids...after wiiu's success then sony and microsoft can copy the blueprint as usual and keep their fanboys happy

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