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CVG: "ZombiU is full of great ideas, some borrowed from other games, and others uniquely its own. It harks back to glory days of the slow-burning survival horror, but the GamePad gives it a modern edge. The first-person movement can be clumsy, and there are a few stark difficulty spikes, but it's an imaginative spin on the horror genre. But is it scary? Well, yes, but not in the sense that you'll be jumping out of your seat every five minutes, but in the way it builds tension, the grim atmosphere of the world, and the constant threat of dying and losing all your precious gear."

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WeskerChildReborned2133d ago

Looks to be hit or miss but i'm still getting it.

JonnyBigBoss2133d ago

I'm really enjoying this game so far.

Monstar2133d ago

Gamespot 4.5....never NEVER trust their reviews. Anything for some attention.

izumo_lee2133d ago

I never rely on reviews but watching that video review it was kinda worrisome about the over reliance of the cricket bat. The game looks good though for a launch title.

TiberusX872133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

You can always rely on Keven VanOrd @ Gamespot.

I'm far more concerned about reviews being too high, than too low. If they give a game a bad score and I then enjoy it, then i'm the one who wins.

If I go out on a whim and purchase a game because of a high review and it turns out to be overrated, It's me who loses.

If you like survival horror and you're keen, get it.

GuyManDude2133d ago

Why? 4.5 isn't that far removed from a few other reputable sources, including:

GameInformer: 5
GamesRadar: 6
IGN: 6.3

If everyone were giving it an 8 or better you might have an argument, but that's not the case.

2133d ago
dubal-e2133d ago

I havn't opened it yet but I'll be playing it soon. Maybe tomorrow. Too tired from work.

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