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EuroGamer: "I'd always wondered why ZombiU was one of the Wii U's pack-in games, and finally it makes sense. ZombiU isn't the obligatory FPS launch title, but an original twist on the genre that has no console equivalent. It's not quite a revolution, lacking the scope and variety of mechanics to compete with high watermarks like Half-Life 2. But that should take nothing away from Ubisoft's achievement, and the success or otherwise of ZombiU could be defining for Wii U."

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Joegrine201918d ago

mixed reviews everywhere!!!!!!!!!! this is a hard descision

realiks1918d ago

Some of the sites didn't get their review checks in time.
This one clearly did.

Marquis_de_Sade1917d ago

Clearly you don't know much about Eurogamer.

wastedcells1918d ago

Cricket bat comments are killing me. Im pretty sure it's going to piss me off lol. Cricket bat!

s8anicslayer1918d ago

If game informer gave it such a low score I'd pretty much think its not as good as we thought given game informer is pretty generous with scores.

Embeepee1918d ago

This game is like marmite; reviewers either love it or they hate it

LOGICWINS1918d ago

No one has said they "hated" it. The lowest score so far is a 6.3...which is better than average(a 5).

TheNocturnus1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Game Informer gave it a 5/10...

Hx3KinG1918d ago

no gamespot has given it the lowest score so far at 4.5

LOGICWINS1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Really? Thats interesting. People should deffo read these reviews to see if these "cons" apply to them. Most people aren't that nitpicky. Hopefully this game turns out to be a worthwhile investment to anyone who buys it. It would be a shame to wait in line out in the cold for an hour or two to play a stinker of a game.

"No one should "believe" reviewers blindly, but use them as a guide."


ronin4life1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Aren't they the site caught fluffing reviews for cash and banner ads?

No one should "believe" reviewers blindly, but use them as a guide. That's the way it has always been. And if what you have read has guided you from buying the game, then that is a personal judgment based off available information. Nothing wrong with that or with buying a game because of a review... so long as you have come to understand what you are buying.

Legend_Killer1918d ago

Gamespot gave it a 4.5 out of 10

Slugg3r1918d ago

Avarage novadays is 7/10 and 4/10 is piss poor. Anything below is just for the hits.

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sitharrefus1918d ago

I think we need to stop believing Reviews and judge from our selves.....

mrbojingles1918d ago

Wait you're telling me I have to play a game first hand to form an opinion on it? BLASPHEMY!

LOGICWINS1918d ago

Not everyone has that opportunity, unless you have a friend that has a Wii U or you play it at a kiosk somewhere. From what I hear, ZombieU wasn't available to play at kiosks before release. With these mixed reviews, I'm beginning to understand why.

mrbojingles1917d ago

Then don't form an opinion on it, just repeat that "I hear this" about it.

wastedcells1918d ago

This is the rare occasion where I miss renting games.

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