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GR:The survival horror genre has seen better days. Resident Evil has all but abandoned the genre, Silent Hill's quality has been in steady decline, and the last few “scary" games have come from small, indie studios as opposed to big, AAA blockbusters. ZombiU ignores what the genre has become, and focuses instead on how it began, honing in on the “survival” part of the “survival horror” genre better than any release in recent memory.

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Embeepee2161d ago

This game seems to be polarising reviewers

iwin862161d ago

Yes, you're right. Reminds me of Red Steel (Wii) when it launched 6 years ago. Some people gave it a 9/10, others 6/10 or 4/10.

modesign2160d ago

nintendo sites gave it a 9, everyone else gave it lower than 6/10

2160d ago