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Axes, bows, redemption and death, these are a few words that describe Ubisoft’s latest installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Revered as Ubisoft’s biggest project, it promises to deliver a game unlike any of the previous iterations. Did this game live up to the hype? Has it exceeded expectations? Let’s find out!

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teezanpleez2214d ago

so still the same as ps3 and xbox360?? lets check it out !!

Nefario62214d ago

New features added on the gamepad. Great news!

YoungPlex2214d ago

That's all I was waiting for, now I can comfortably open up my copy of AC:III for the Wii U. Thank you for finally putting up a review for what I think is the best launch title for the Wii U!

calis2213d ago didn't open it because you were waiting for someone else to tell you that game is good?

YoungPlex2212d ago

No, I didn't open it cuz I didn't have my Wii U consoles yet but figured I'd wait to make sure that the game was essentially the same as far as console parity went, not for the actual game itself. Nothing wrong with making sure the game wasn't jacked up right?

calis2212d ago

Why did you buy the game before the console?

candybooty2214d ago

I need to see this in full 1080p, interesting to see that all the next gen wii U games are gonna be on the same playing field as the PS3 and X360.

You'd think the gap should be the same kind of gap between the original Xbox and Ps3 sort of thing....hmmm

Deku-Johnny2213d ago

I'm sure it will be when it's been out as long as the PS3 has.

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The story is too old to be commented.