Nokia N96 with DVB TV Tuner Launched

MobileTopSoft writes:

"Nokia has just launched its latest mobile phone behemoth - the Nokia N96. The N96 is pretty similar to the Symbian 60 powered N95 but along with the 5MP camera and builtin GPS it has 16GB of internal memory and a 2.8-inch screen. This model also has a built-in DVB-H receiver for digital TV signals in Europe and Asia, and a kickstand for desktop viewing. There are also new backlit touchbuttons on the face, dialpad and top slider section of the phone."

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Rikitatsu3533d ago

But since their Best Phones are Europe/Middle East/North Africa Exclusive , they don't reach the US ... thats Why US people Hype the Overrated Iphone , Iphone is Nothing Compared to Nokia N95

Cartesian3D3533d ago

do u have one ? (Iphone ?)

I agree with u about Nokia, they are one of the best Mobile producers in the world..

and about iPHONE .. everyone say its BS,HYPED,CLOSED,EXPENCIVE blahblah....

but when they touch iPhone ,they just say "OMG!"

if u want to SURF the WEB via WiFi there isnt ANY ultra portable device in the world Better than iPhone and Ipodtouch.

same about MUSIC,Video,PDF reading .... etc

PlayStation3603533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

It's like saying the PS3 is overrated. Sure it's expensive, some of the cooler stuff ain't out yet (Home, LBP, R2, KZ2, PlayTV in US, etc.). But damn, it's cool as hell. And all the stuff you can do with it now is awesome (PSP connectivity, BluRay, etc.) And best of all, it's only gonna get better. :D

travelguy2k3533d ago

Like the new Sony Experia X1, and it is a quad band phone so i would expect it over here also.

psnDevistator3563533d ago

That phone is so freakin, fu_ckin awesome! Sh1t I want it. Man thanks for that link. Screw iphone, I believe this could kill it

KeiZka3533d ago

Bah. Even though I like Nokia, I'd still like to think that phone's are mostly for talking, not for watching TV. Sure, it's cool and gives an access to TV in remote areas... but is it really necessary? But everyone has their own opinion in this subject, I'd like to believe.

cjp4eva3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Wasnt this supposed to come out second half of the 2008? wtf..

EDIT: yeah if you read the article in the jump it says it comes out in the third quarter so WTF again.

EDIT: Uhm the phone hasnt been launched, title should read "Introduced" not launched, launched is when the phone actually comes out to the public.

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