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Fear, anxiety, paranoia, these are few of the feelings you get from playing ZombiU. Set to change the way we play survival horrors, this title is shaping up to be one of Wii U’s killer apps on launch. What is considered now a dying genre, will this game bring it back to life?

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nassour2215d ago

I expected much more from this game oddly enough!!

candybooty2215d ago

Honestly, I thought it was gonna be HUGE, but I'm glad everyone isn't just hyping it up just because it's a next gen title.

Good review tho

teezanpleez2215d ago

but it is soo scary .... like it feels like ur a butcher !! and have to kill everybody !! even laying down bodies ... just to make sure they will not wake up !!!

majiebeast2215d ago

Seems like its the red steel of the wiiU.

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