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IGN: "ZombiU is packed with great ideas, but it doesn’t capitalize on any of them."

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Shanks2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )


Walker2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Why ?

BitbyDeath2190d ago

Think Shanks meant ZombiNot4U

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

killer app?

Get Hitman Absolution instead..

medziarz2190d ago

There's no future for the Wii U, it's dead on arrival, its traditional market has now been dominated by PS3 and 360s, the price is high and additional expensive storage is needed.
It's very tough for the consumer to justify a new system that's going to cost him around $400, and $60 for each game, when there are cheaper PS3s with the same functionality and hundreds of stellar games for 10, 20 dollars and whole series for $40.

Wii U with PS Vita
PS3 with smartphone
and 360 with tablet

wastedcells2190d ago

Cricket bat is the wiiU mascot?

MasterCornholio2190d ago

Im sorry sir but you need to buy the Wiimote in order to use the cricket bat.

Have a Glorious day.

LOL just kidding but this game has been getting extremely mixed reviews. Either they think that the Wii U controller is being implemented in an amazing way or it shoves so many gimmicks in the players face that it ruins it.

wastedcells2190d ago

I'm still getting it only now I'm prepared to be disappointed. Hopefully going in with low expectations will only make the game seems that much better if I truly enjoy it.

CommonSense2190d ago

I'm playing it. I like it a lot. Creates a really great atmosphere.

Thatguy-3102190d ago

What is the story? Does it just have you doing random mission? Does it have a core plot? The more reviews I read the more disappointed I am. I truly wanted the wii u to buy this game but from the looks of it I'm not jumping on the bandwagon yet until I see the killer app.

showtimefolks2190d ago

Every console launch there maybe only select few games that are actually good because most of the times you can tell development team was working on a new console. Ps3 had resistance and than heavenly sword and rest were bad ports or just bad games

So dont loose hope in a few years wiiu should be producing quality titles but that's if it continues to get 3rd party support

The Great Melon2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

The problem with the Wii U is that any third party support will likely mean multiplatform games that are tweaked for the console. That won't get people to buy a Wii U if they already have a PS3 or Xbox 360. Exclusives will be even more important for the Wii U than a normal console launch due to well established competition that compete similarly with it.

geddesmond2190d ago

The only game for the consol that had me interested and its not getting great reviews so my Wii U interest is very slim right now. To be quite honest, Nintendo needs more than already released ported games and one or 2 ok reviewed hardcore games to draw in the PS3 and Xbox 360 hardcore gamer crowd. Why on earth would any PS3 hardcore gamer want a Wii U right now with GOW:A, The Last of Us, Beyond, GTA5 and MGS:GZ coming next year.

darkziosj2190d ago

It's NOT MIXED if the 80% of reviewers gave it a bad score

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LOGICWINS2191d ago

So much for IGN being biased towards Nintendo consoles. If they were paid off, they would have at least given it a 7.5

Muffins12232190d ago

It saddens me that people acully agreed with your comment.

Gamer19822190d ago

Nintendo first party mate is the general consensus. ZombieU isn't that and the games actually rumored to be coming to PS3 in 2013.

Blastoise2191d ago

I thought this was gonna be Wii U's best game. Looks like it's Mario again lol

Jinkies2191d ago

"Looks like it's Mario again lol"

But then again the only reason it got a high score is because it is "Mario". It's an upgraded version of the Wii game with a HD lick of paint.

Y_51502190d ago

@Jinkies I'm happy that it's like that. The Wii version is my favorite out of the three that I've played! Also There's some great changes from just watching gameplay you'll see it. The only thing I don't like is the soundtrack, it sounds exactly the same as previous games which that's not really what Mario games should have.

Gamer19822190d ago

Its sad that there's something like 100 Mario games and they still sell well. Especially the 2D ones outside of portable consoles. I'm sorry but no matter what it looks like I cannot justify paying £40 for a 2D game anymore. Its lazy developing. Where is Mario Galaxy 3 for WiiU? That should have been launched with the console rather than another 2D iteration. Which lets be honest is there to hold off the fans until they make one.

chadboban2191d ago

Wow, reviews are just all over the place on this one.

guitarded772190d ago

Yeah, when there all over the place it's usually a game for a select group of people. If my system software update ever finishes downloading I'll find out for myself. I want to be playing Wii U, but I'm reading about Wii U while my download finishes.

seanpitt232191d ago

To be fair I was totally not expecting this for some reason.


im surprised to hear anyone say they werent expecting this. not to seem like a superficial gamer, but just the cover and name alone wreak of a terrible game. the trailers looked alright, but all in all i feel like the game never really shook its sort of laughable trying-to-be-scary-but-lame feel.
granted, ive never played the game, but ive gotta say that i am not at all surprised that this was bargain bin material from day 1.

majiebeast2191d ago

Reviews have been all over the place this year its insane.