The official list of Xbox Black Friday Deals

Major Nelson - Here is the list of some of the Black Friday deals that will be available on Xbox 360 consoles, bundles, and new games as well as discounts on Xbox LIVE that will be available next week at major US national retailers.

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Embeepee1850d ago

Great deals!

Halo 4 + BO2 + Black Friday = MONSTER sales for the 360 in the US!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1849d ago

Guess im getting HALO4 at target unless a better deal comes up.

RivetCityGhoul1849d ago

Xbox 360 for 150? shoot count me in on that though i'll just get rid of all that skylanders stuff. i don't want that trash.

XboxInnovation1849d ago

Almost 500,000 xbox360s sold last week and we are yet to hit the holiday season. Wowsers. They may break more sales records this holiday

Jek_Porkins1849d ago

I think last Black Friday they sold a million Xbox 360's and almost a million Kinect units as well, they could surpass that this year, $150 is hard to pass up, especially the Skylanders deal, I can imagine a lot of parents picking that up for their kids.

Rupee1849d ago

I'm gonna try for one of those 250 gb 360s at 199 if nothing else I'll settle for the 249 price tag. My old elite is pretty beat up.