What a new Xbox should be like

Now that Blu-Ray has driven the nail in the coffin of HD DVD, Microsoft is about to release the ultimate console that will take over your living room for good. The Blu-Ray / HD DVD format war has held them back from releasing a true home media machine that compliments other products in the line up like Windows Home Server. Many may not know it but the format war put a wrinkle in Microsoft's plans to own your living room. This is why Microsoft chose to ship the Xbox 360 with a standard DVD player a few years ago. Not knowing what the standard would be has held them back from truly embracing the potential of the XBox and XBox Live's success. That wait is now over. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the XBox 1080. - Via

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Harry1903836d ago

is this some kind of bad joke?

Scottama3835d ago

Those were going to be my EXACT words.

Play B3yond3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

A ball shape would match its failure rate...whenever it catches RRoD you can just roll it to the MS company they fix it then roll it right back to you,although after a few days youre arm will be quite sore

phony force slayer3835d ago

its got an xbox disk in it not a 360

SlappyMcTaint3834d ago

If M$ bit the bullet and chose HD-DVD to truly compete with Sony and Blu-Ray, then Blu-Ray would have been another Beta. But since M$ has the planning, creativity and ingenuity of a moose, they're forced to keep churning out half-a$$ed me-too products to keep playing catch up to companies that do plan and design for the future.

To xbots: How many xbox versions will it take for them to get close to matching what Sony did with the PS3 the first time?

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Kugar773836d ago

this is all wishful thinking, the price of such a console would be astronomical. this article is stupid and pathetic

Genesis53836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Working.(lol) Just reading the headline. Well for the coin you're going to have to drop for this puppy if it ever rrod's on you,you'll be down to basic cable or a good book. What happened to the casual market? Only the hardcore would go for that.

Lifendz3835d ago

Since when is the casual market on MS' radar? 90% of 360 games are shooters.

pswi603835d ago

sinner is right, only 11% of 360 games are first person shooters...but those 11% of fps games count for well over 50% of all game revenue for the 360.

but the point remains, more 360 owners buy fps games than any other game genre. this includes gears of war, which could be classified as 3rd person or 1st person depending on if you are in combat or not.

LastDance3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

what life endz meant to say was....

The decent xbox games are shooters. Bar a few. And dont give me a long list of fully Pawsome xbox games. coz im not going to read it. the sales tell the story for me.

3835d ago
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hotshot1273835d ago

sounds like something sony should do.........................oh wait.

DJ3835d ago

Microsoft already soured up that relationship, and even went as far as to dock GPU performance on the original Xbox (due to unified memory architecture). They probably will never partner up on hardware ever again.