Are You Going To Buy A Wii U?

Game Informer - The Wii U comes out on November 18. That day is Sunday. The Sunday that's two days from the day that is today. This day being Friday, November 16. Are you going to get in line and buy one? Or two?

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NYC_Gamer2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

I don't plan on buying Wii-U right now.I'll most likely pick up one when some games that catch my attention gets announced/launch...

decrypt2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Ill wait for Dolphin Emulator Wii U version :P

No point paying 300usd for half a decade old hardware lol.

edit: Its cool ill play Nintendo games in 1600p let the casuals have the 720p.


Hell yea, played all the Wii games in 1080p no problemo.

With the leaked Wii U specs specially the Memory bandwidth, it seems Wii U will be rather weak for a next gen console. I think paying 300usd for such hardware is a rip off.

NYC_Gamer2133d ago

That's even better for me since already got a rig

Army_of_Darkness2133d ago

This wiiu will go the way of gamecube(Left in the dust once PS4/xbox720 hits). Nintendo fanboys can twist it all they want but truth of the matter is, is that they just bought a pricier current Gen console that really has nothing to show for.

Outside_ofthe_Box2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )


You sicken me. People like you are the reason why I'm glad that a good amount of multiplatform devs treat your platform as 2nd rate garbage.

Please do not try to justify your reasoning for stealing Ninty games. If you don't think the Wii U is worth the $300 price then fine don't buy it, but please do not use that as your green light to steal games.

willie322133d ago

I agree with your post. Why pay $300 for this gen specs? I got burned hard with the Wii (PS2/Xbox specs) and turned out to be the biggest dust collector. Today finally marks the day Nintendo got into the HD generation market. Welcome to the party!

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bigfish2133d ago

if you're going to buy it later, then just buy it now, whats the difference.

Bimkoblerutso2133d ago

An established library of games? Price drops? Remodels?

There are a TON of reasons not to buy at launch.

chrisarsenalsavart2133d ago

When ps4 comes out nintendo wil have no other choice than cuting the price so that is why there is no point for me to buy something at 300 just for playing metroid and zelda.
But i understand and respect nintendo,s fans who won,t be able to sleep before sunday.

killerhog2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Nope, seems the wii-u was overhyped by Nintendo and its games are lackluster. Doesn't seem necessary to upgrade, when I can get the same and more from my current consoles. And I could say, "maybe down the line" like other people, but the truth is, once the next Xbox and playstation comes out, the wii-u will be forgotten.

Jinkies2133d ago

I'm going to wait untill E3 next year...see what happens with Sony/MS and by then theres bound to be more games out to choose from....maybe a few new bundles.

fermcr2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Wait to see what Microsoft and Sony have in store for their next console, then decide which console to pick... WiiU, X720 or PS4 ?

Next gen is going to be PC and one of the consoles (more then one is too expensive and don't have the time for more then one console).

djslimzz2133d ago

how did Zombie U not get your attention?

Donnieboi2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Yeah, the money spent on a wii u in 2013 (since their sold out now) could go towards games for my ps3. Think about it:

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Grand Theft Auto V
Saints Row 4 (yes thq said its coming out)
Battlefield 4 (maybe wii u might get this too)
The Last of Us

Would guarantee that for the price of a wii u, I could get all these amazing games instead. The Wii U wont be getting these games (at least not in 2013). So i'll wait till 2014 to see what they got going. However, PS4 and 720 may just catch my eye instead by then...

Redgehammer2132d ago

I will not be buying a WiiU now, nor in the future.

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iamnsuperman2133d ago

Not at the moment. I may do in the future if Nintendo start releasing game I like and start broadening their horizons with their games. I am not sold on the touch screen tablet. I see third parties making it into a gimmick and it will be up to Nintendo to really strive with it

NBT912133d ago

Agree, like any new console, I see the potential but nothing that taps into the potential yet.

If I really had the money to burn, sure, but there are other games for now on current systems.

kingxtreme812133d ago

I'll be at my local GameStop in 2 hours and 32 minutes to pick up my Deluxe pre-order.

Cannot wait!

OneAboveAll2133d ago

Nope. Might when it drops drastically in price. I see nothing that warrent's it's current price and I don't like the new controller. And the pro-controller is $70.... no thanks. Not spending $70 on a piece of plastic.

Saving my pennies for the next Xbox or PS.

TXIDarkAvenger2133d ago

I'm on the fence about it. Well really I just need the money for it, I'm pretty pleased with the Wii U line-up of games for the future.

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