Nintendo charges $0.50 to Register A Minor on the Nintendo Network

Nintendo has taken a rather innovative measure to ensure the safety of minors on the Nintendo Network.

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ronin4life2189d ago

That's... interesting...
And seems very easy to bypass. Just lie about your ages. Instant Free pass!

Still kind of strange....

Vip3r2189d ago

Cheap way of making money or more adult accounts.

Think it through Nintendo.

AO1JMM2189d ago

Whats stopping you from making an adult account? Nothing! Just lie about your birth date.

iamnsuperman2189d ago

I wouldn't call that innovative. More strange. I can see why they have done it however between free adult account and a 50cent child account people are just more likely to say they are an adult

SKUD2189d ago

Charging its key demographic?. Brilliant.

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