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New Super Mario Bros. U - Final Bowser Battle

GameXplain: "If you're having trouble beating Bowser,or just too impatiest to battle your way to him, why not just watch our full boss video instead? You'll watch Mario take down both Bowser Jr and Bowser himself using their own Clown Car, then enjoy the hilarious ending!"

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Eternalb1350d ago

Why can I never resist spoilers

wanieldiik1350d ago

It's not like you play those games for the story anyways :)

LOGICWINS1350d ago

That's quite charming actually :)

nevin11350d ago

Is Bowser always the final Boss?

XINTSUAI1350d ago

Seems a game for childs really, too easy for a final boss. The firs boss of LBP is more hard than this.

iwin861350d ago

Seems like you did not see the whole video. First I also thought that the end boss was a joke. But than...
Obvious but still a nice twist from Nintendo.

jenni321350d ago SpamShow
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