Hitman: Absolution aims high but misses the mark | VB review

While it’s great to see 47 back in business, Hitman: Absolution drifts too far from the franchise’s sweet spot. A lengthy campaign offers plenty of opportunities for diabolical fun, but the stealth mechanics feel like a string of bad decisions, and a lack of pure assassination missions — exactly what the franchise built its fame on — doesn’t help.

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SybaRat2218d ago

Sounds kinda good...but not a lot of assassinations? In a Hitman game?

acronkyoung2218d ago

I've been wanting to get into the Hitman games. Not sure if this would be the one to start off with though.

2218d ago
LouisGarcia2218d ago

I've played one, but really want to play the whole series. I like the concept.

wita2218d ago

I'll probably never get into them. I hate stealth games.

GTRrocker6662218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Enough with the puns and pseudo dramatic writing in reviews. It almost seems like they come up with this crap before they even play the game.

I hope the writer was exaggerating all these negatives like he did with his wordy writing of the review. I just cant believe the game is this bad when the walkthrough gameplay I have watched on Youtube and more reliable gaming review sites say otherwise. I guess I will find out Tuesday.

rocky0475862218d ago

You are better off reading the other reviews bro.

I did a roundup of reviews for you. Trust me, this games' consensus is that it's a VERY good game that retains most of everything that is essential in a Hitman game. game-director-tore-blystad/

http://www.xbox360achieveme... Very smartly written view-6400240/ Even the Gamespot written review says some VERY positive things about the game and the score is good too.

http://www.officialplaystat... ps3-review-the-original-assass in-is-back/ bsolution/

http://www.computerandvideo... review-vintage-47-successfully -remixed-review/ ful-contracts?utm_source=dlvr. it&utm_medium=twitter ew-xbox-360-the-art-of-killing .html illing-Best-Game-Series-48529. html


GTRrocker6662218d ago

Awesome reviews. Thank you.

PhantomT14122218d ago

Well I played the game (the first 2 or 3 levels) before release and from what I've played, I find it difficult to believe it is so bad as certain reviews say. I didn't receive the full game yet (Zavvi notified me they sent it yesterday) so I can't give my final thought on it yet but I hope the game is as good as I've experienced during the preview...

S-T-F-U2218d ago

"Hitman: Absolution aims high but misses the mark" yet they still give the game a 7.5...

...Are scores in the region of 7/8 now bad?

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