Forced Installs On PS3: Are They Here to stay?

Destructoid writes:

"We saw the first glimpse of this when we started downloading demos from PSN. Instead of mimicking the relatively seamless Xbox Live formula that we had been accustomed to, Sony opted to have us install the games on our hard drive in a way that closely resembled the PC experience.

Next came news that Epic was offering us the choice of installing Unreal Tournament III on the drive, in an effort to shorten loading times. We shrugged it off again, as it seemed to be in our best interests at the time. The key to it all was that we were still empowered by choice: we could still enjoy the game without the install, and it never once felt forced."

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Cryxen3719d ago

What sucks is that I rent most games :/

I know i can delete it but its annoying to wait for it to install

Lifendz3719d ago

and gives the dev the means to do some really cool/innovative stuff, then yeah..utilize my hdd. Now if there's no real differences or benefits in the PS3 version, I sorta feel like the dev is just taking my hdd space. Granted I have more than enough, but I want to feel like I got some sort of benefit for my 5 gigs.

anh_duong3719d ago

think you will appreciate it when your ps3 warranty ends and the game runs off the hard drive and takes less pressure of the laser. drive lasers are one of the least reliable component of any gaming system. the hard drive on the ps3 is easy to replace and hard drives last for years.

sonarus3719d ago

very well said lifendz. So far it just seems to be capcom forcing the 5gb installs. I mind the hard drive space and capcom needs to stop it. If you have a 40GB PS3 thats 8 games before your hard drive max's out. Sony needs to give them tools or whatever they need to reduce this. Its because they made the game on regular dvd and are probably porting it to blu ray last minute which is 100% BS. I won't be buying/renting any capcom games until they remove the 5GB install or until DMC4 comes out whichever comes first. As far as i remember not all ps3 games opt for the install but if installation takes load times to like 2-3 secs in some games then i'm all for it. FF13 is rumored to have 0 load times if they give me a 5GB install then cool but if i see 1 loading screen after i gave up 5GB of my hard drive thats just BS. Why can't capcom just develop for the ps3 the way everyone does it maximize the blu ray space to reduce load times its about time devs started taking the ps3 seriously. The only consolation is the ps3 hard drive can easily and cheaply be upgraded

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3719d ago

Less then 8 games for the 40gb, remember the OS and stuff like firmware takes up roughly 8 gb. + save files. And any other content, more like 4 games max.

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Nostradamus3718d ago

Who is more foolish? The fool, or the one who follows him?

You shouldnt attack someone for doing the same thing you are doing.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3718d ago

Has anyone played a PC (Personal Computer) game before? Their installs are much longer than the PlayStation 3 installs people complain about everything.

Lifendz3718d ago

We're not talking PC games though. We're talking consoles and, more specically, 360 and PS3. If a game like Devil May Cry comes out for both and is virtually identical on both with the same amount of load times, then why does one require an install and one doesn't when they're the same version? If both versions required the install then I'd see your point but that isn't the case now is it?

Again, it's not like this is a really big deal to me because I just upped my HDD to 160 gigs but for the guy with the 40 gig this is a significant chunk of space. Heck, games like Warhawk don't even take up that much room.

Enigma_20993718d ago

.... you CAN buy a bigger one. Last I checked, the PS3 has that option...

moparful993718d ago

Honestly people, this report is making a mountain out of a mole hill. True it could be a serious issue if it escalates but thats neither here nor there. Capcom seems to be the only company with this issue, ninja gaiden sigma had an install and virtually eliminated load times. This gives me the impression that capcom is leaning on the hard drive to make up for their inexperience on the cell. Im not attacking capcom, just stating that they dont have as much experience deving on the cell as they do the 360. Infinity ward decided to put more resources into their development rather then rely on the hard drive and it paid of beautifuly for them. Now they have a head start on the next ps3 game they develop, so in effect this is the gameplan all developers should follow. Sony knew what they were doing when making the cell and knew it was extremely difficult to learn, but since when is anything easy worth doing? All games will benefit from cell in due time... Thats my two and a half cents...

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Darkiewonder3719d ago

Not telling us about what's being installed for whatever reason = no.

Lifendz3719d ago

If you're going to take up 8% of some peoples HDD then you ought to tell us why. Good stuff. Bubbles

Shankle3719d ago

I don't mind installs, especially since the hard drive is so easy to upgrade. I don't have ADD so I can wait for a few minutes before playing a game.

InMyOpinion3718d ago

First you need to buy proper cables. Then a new HDD. And then you have to pay yet again in order to experience rumble in your games. I mean, where does it stop?

The money you have to cough up to get the same gaming experience on the PS3 as on the 360 just isn't worth it if you ask me.

Shankle3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

How much was the 360 wifi again? And the now-useless HD-DVD drive? And a 120GB hard drive is HOW MUCH?! And how much does it cost you to power your controllers? You PAY to play online? WTF?! And what about the retailer warranty so that after a year you'll be protected against the disc drive failing?

PS i got my hdmi cable free with the console.

Silellak3719d ago

This is a very valid concern, I think. If you buy a gaming PC these days - where every game requires an install, honestly - it would be laughable to get a 20 gig, 40 gig, or even an 80 gig drive. Granted, you put more on it than just games - but you theoretically do with the PS3, too.

Heck, sometimes I think my 300 gig PC isn't enough.

The good news is that, unlike the 360, you can upgrade the HD with any over-the-counter drive. The bad news is, not enough people know that, fewer know how to do it (even if it's easy), and people don't WANT to have to worry about buying a new drive and transferring data off the included drive onto a new drive.

Console gaming has always been more successful than PC gaming for the key reason that it's simple. You buy a game, you stick it in, you know it will work. Now, console gaming is taking an unfortunate step towards PC gaming in that, if you buy a new PS3 game, you might be surprised when you can't play it because your HD is full of 10 other games.

It really is a mistake to make this sort of thing required. Optional, sure! Great! Awesome! Required? No. That's just a way of alienating people who enjoy console gaming for the ease of it. If you want to save HD space on a below-average game and deal with longer load times, that should be your God-given right.

The other side of the coin, of course, is that I wish the 360 had the optional to install some games. Neither side really hid the mark this gen - the 360 doesn't rely on its HD enough, and the PS3 seems to rely on its TOO much.

Sevir043719d ago

but you know i dont think a person would mind if the game is any good. like DMC4... i passed it off because i like DMC and it's been a staple franchise wiyth HIgh end action and such, but Lost Planet is crap.. nothing spectacular. This trend capcom is setting is certainly got me worried while i have an external HDD for both all 3 of my PS3's and all of them are also jucied up on 120-500 gig interanals.. the installing to wait and play really isn't cool. especially if the game isn't good. I'll pass on this. i just cant see why games like Uncharted and Ratched, Haze can play seemlessly without installing and this game comes about with the HDD requirement. I'm sorry but if they doo this for street fighter 4 and bionic commando i'm gonna pass. i'll excuse it for RE5 but thats it

LastDance3719d ago

I really like that comment and its so true

"Console gaming has always been more successful than PC gaming for the key reason that it's simple. You buy a game, you stick it in, you know it will work. "

But i think as the days run past.. technology as a whole is becoming less simple but more people are becoming abundantly tech savvy.

But yea install for lost planet i dont know about that.

Sh!t give me a 20gig instal for MGS4 i dont care.

Playstation need to let people know how easy it is to upgrade your HDD.

Sarick3719d ago

I don't believe forced installs are necessary.

The games companies can use the same techniques that where used in oblivion. Mind you I believe it's technically possible to stream new data to the HDD in advance.

The only real drawback should be the first load. Creating a forced install is an easier way to get things running smoothy. You don't have to insert or remove files after you load the game. The devs just slap the most frequently used data on the HDD and ignore the complex optimizations required of you stream data to the HDD.

I can't see why anyone would excuse this long pre-install. The game could easily create a temporary folder on the HDD at the start and load data as it's requested in advance of needing it.

Seriously whats in that data?

bym051d3719d ago

I don't mind installs. I think 5GB for caching is a little steep though.

I wish 360 titles would give the *option* to install. Some of the disc thrashing on games like Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect is horrendous.

Wereturd3719d ago

Agreed, if it would make the blasted thing any quieter it would be really appreciated.

EZCheez3719d ago

I've had a few game s that require installs but none have come close to 5Gb's.

I'm amazed you need that much installed because i've played games that look and run a lot better than DMC4 and the HDD install is much smaller and not even 1Gb. A lot of great games don't need one at all.

So, in other words, I don't see HDD installs disappearing but also I don't expect them to stay in the 5Gb size range.