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Since its unveiling, the Wii U has captured the attention from many people worldwide and is highly appraised for its many innovations. As Nintendo kicks off their new console, the Wii U has started selling everywhere in North America. Are you getting it? Should you? The answer to that question is a simple "Definitely".

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osiris2215d ago

Pretty fair i'd say. Nintendo still has a lot to prove specially with what Sony and MS are cooking

Deku-Johnny2215d ago

Because you know exactly what Sony and MS are cooking right?

krazykombatant2215d ago

thats what i love about this website, people think that sony and ms will put that much money into developing a console that is basically the same as a PC in hardware. They're deluded, little kids. Just wait and see till we see a mix of WiiU is garbage and the WiiU is the best thing ever.

BigTonytheDon2215d ago

Personally, I think it deserves better. The only con I found was that my hand was hurting, but that's cuz I'm weird lol :p

teezanpleez2215d ago

ill give it a freacking 11 0n 10

Dovahkiin2215d ago

11 on 10? Is that what that is supposed to say?

Cool sentence bro.

Deku-Johnny2215d ago

I don't see any reason whatsoever not to get the console. It looks amazing, it's more powerful than anything available and will be for the next one or two years. It has a brand new way of playing games that you can't experience anywhere else. Not to mention it's a fact that Nintendo have the best exclusives.

Hicken2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The only absolutely valid reason you give is that it's more powerful than anything else.

It looks pretty good, but I wouldn't say amazing YET. There's still plenty of time to for it to get better, though, and really deserve the word "amazing."

I know how much you and many others don't want to believe it, but the PS3/Vita combo is more than CAPABLE of the same "way" of playing games. Whether developers will take the initiative to DO the same is another story, entirely.

Who has the best exclusives is subjective. Personally, I enjoy more of Sony's exclusives, not just this generation, but over the years. That isn't to say that I haven't enjoyed ANYTHING Nintendo has had exclusively on their consoles; for every exclusive I enjoyed on a Nintendo console, there have been about three I enjoyed on a Sony device. Again, that's just me. You obviously have a different opinion, but that's the point: that's not a FACT you can use to sway people.

Edit: You missed the point, entirely. I'm fully cognizant of the fact that the Wii U is an out of the box experience. But there's nothing stopping Sony from bundling a Vita with PS3s and making it just as "basic."

The popularity of the Move(which sits at an impressive 15 million units, by the way) is irrelevant, because we're not comparing Wii Remote functionality. That, after all, isn't "basic."

And I really don't know what "sony can't pull off diverse gameplay option" is supposed to mean. I think the PS3/Vita combo has already shown itself capable of EVERY feature that we know of with the Wii U and its controller. And there's STILL that full remote play and the fact that the Vita is a standalone device, which makes it even MORE diverse.

None of that is the point, though. The point was the validity of Deku-Johnny's statements.

No FanS Land2215d ago


Forget PS3/PSV gameplay like WiiU, sony can't pull off diverse gameplay option, look at PS move popularity, I don't think many people will buy both a PS3 and PSV as a controller.

WiiU isn't an option, it's the actual basic controller making this type of gameplay standard.

krazykombatant2215d ago

Go this reserved at gamestation, sadly won't be playing it till christmas since it will be "santa" that gives her the gift.

CRASHBASHUK2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

gamestation? u do know they are all games now in the uk? or yours will be a game soon or u mean the website?

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